The UK Rests on the Brink of a New Era for the Internet

Written by John M. on 2010-04-12 at 14:11
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The gambling industry in Great Britain has been going strong for decades. It all started with the lottery, which made its debut in the 1930’s, and has been flourishing ever since. Almost all forms of gambling are quite popular among the natives, at this point. 

Since the 1960’s the government has been doing its part by way of British gambling laws to tax and regulate the industry while protecting citizens appropriately. Up until this point, it didn’t seem that there was any reason to fear potential cut-outs or restrictions within the industry on behalf of the government.  

Alas, it seems as though this great nation may be going through big changes. True to form, gamblers began to play at online casinos in the UK as soon as the opportunity was realized. This, however, may all come to an end soon enough.  

The Digital Economy Bill was rushed through through the British parlament in a late night session where it was passed after its third reading. The bill was pushed through at record speed despite the fact that it may have monumental influence once passed into law.  

Should this bill be passed into law, the British government will basically have the power to block any website that it may choose, under the muse that the given sites infringing on copyright law. Being that people often use google as a gateway to access illegal downloads, even google may be threatened.  

Internet gambling in the United Kingdom is very popular and it seems as though the government would essentially be shooting itself in the foot were it to block online casinos. It’s debateable whether or not they will feel the need to cut themselves off from such a valuable revenue source, but provisions in the bill nevertheless make it look like a possibility. 

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