U.K. Employment Law Specialist Advises on World Cup Fever, Online Gambling at Work

Written by Tom B. on 2010-06-17 at 14:59
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Typically “World Cup Fever” is just an expression, but for some large multinationals, lower productivity from individuals and near-countrywide shutdowns during game times can cause disruptions to the greater business cycle. U.K.-based employment law specialist firm Citation recently released a few tips for dealing with this epidemic.  

A spokesperson for Citation stated that the advisory suggests that “clients communicate the businesses stance on some or all of the following to ensure that all employees are clear about the company’s expectations” during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Citation notes that holiday policy should be made clear, that flexibility in schedule might be considered to allow employees to watch on non-company time, that setting up TVs might prevent absenteeism and that extra care must be taken to watch for harassment.  

In terms of workplace Internet betting in United Kingdom offices, Citation says that employees should be reminded about “the company’s IT and email policies and the stance on watching matches online, visiting online football community websites and gambling online or in the workplace.”  

Both Paddy Power and William Hill have forecast that some £1 billion will be wagered on this World Cup in real life and online sportsbooks in the UK alone and “the further England go in the tournament, [the] more likely [it is] that this figure will be comfortably surpassed,” according to Paddy Power spokesman Darren Haines. 

“It will be the biggest betting event in British history, without a doubt,” said Haines

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