Who Will be the Winner of the WSL Women's World Championship 2017?

Written by Thipphaphone Channavong on 2017-12-01 at 08:28
winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017 Who will be the winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017? (source: WSL)
In most places, it’s freezing cold in December. But not for the two Australian women, they are having the time of their life and competing for the best surfer trophy. Naturally, it’s also time for us to predict the winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017!

This year, the top two runners in the competition are making the Australian founder proud. That’s right. Let’s give a big round of applause to Sally Fitzgibbons and Tyler Wright, who are both born and raised in Australia. For the past 9 Championship Tours, they are leading the game like a boss.

The title ‘Winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017’ will be announced after the final tour in Honolua Bay, Hawaii. So don’t forget to place your bets on Unibet Sportsbook before December 7!

Without further ado, here are the winning odds of the Aussie duo anticipated by online sports betting sites in Australia.

Sally Fitzgibbons odds: (5/4)

Sally Fitzgibbons is having a great year. According to online gambling news in Australia, she is number one Jeep Leaderboard which contributes to her odds being as high as (5/4). Her total score is at 52,900 points, a whopping 1,700 points higher than Tyler Wright. It’s also not surprising that Fitzgibbons had 26 heat wins in total, 4 wins more than Wright.
Never ranked below 5th place in the world championship tours, Fitzgibbons is keeping a very steady and impressive performance indeed. Her hard work from training, surfing and then training some more paid off well.

Since Fitzgibbons was 8 years old, she knew that she wanted to win a gold medal and become a world champion. She is driven to be the winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017 and finally make her dreams come true.

Tyler Wright odds: (23/20)

23 year-old Tyler Wright odds (23/20) are a little bit higher than Sally Fitzgibbons according to online sports betting sites in Australia. This is probably due to the fact that she was crowned 2016 WSL winner. Her passion, confidence and talent really shined last year.

WSL World Champions 2017

Tyler Wright Receives her WSL Trophy in France 2016 (source: abc.net.au)

The inevitable question is: could Wright continue the trend and be the winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017 for the second time as well?

Even though she came in second place on the Jeep Leaderboard with 51,200 points, Wright’s average heat score is higher than Fitzgibbons’ at 14.13 compared to 13.36 points. In the last championship tour, could she beat the current victor Fitzgibbons by scoring more?

With all that being said, her average rankings in the world championship tours can’t compare to Fitzgibbons. Finishing at 13th place was her lowest ranks this year.

Battle for the winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017

There’s a long and hard battle ahead for the two Aussie women. The results will pretty much depend on this final ride. Each of their individual performance on the wave matters. Of course, we can’t forget about the other contributing factors like weather, waves, maneuvers and luck!

The winner of the Women's WSL World Championship 2017 will be the one with the highest points and rankings. Judges are responsible for averaging the 10 tours and crowning the world champion.

If you ask us who do we choose to bet on: Sally Fitzgibbons or Tyler Wright? We say both. They are both likely to win. It’s either one or the other. With these great odds, let’s browse some online gambling sites in Australia and bet on our surfers!
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