Will a Video with More Views Than Despacito Come Along?

Written by Thipphaphone Channavong on 2017-12-31 at 04:04
Will a Video with More Views Than Despacito Come Along? Bet on a new video with more views than Despacito! (source: Billboard)
Despacito is now the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. The view count is as high as 4.5 billion and still growing! It’s hard to imagine any new video with more views than Despacito. Nevertheless, we’ve come up with a few situations which could surpass the number hit during the next year.

Anything could happen, including the rise of a new YouTube video with more views than Despacito. Online sportsbook sites in US estimate the odds for this happening by the end of 2018 at 4/1. So what kind of videos gets massive views on YouTube?

Mega Famous Artist’s New Single

Music videos are standards to the most viewed videos on Youtube. With music, one person can stream the same song days and days on end, thereby generating views. According to online sports betting sites in US, there is a high chance for world-renowned artists to upload a video with more views than Despacito.

Until the 31st of December 2018, there’s plenty of time for famous names like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to drop their newest hit single. After all, the three of them all have songs up there in the top 10 most-viewed videos on Youtube.

Fonsi to Upload a Video with More Views than Despacito Himself

Don’t forget that a video with more views than Despacito could always come from Luis Fonsi himself. His music career is blooming. There’s a chance that Fonsi will produce a new song that will outdo his own record. Bet on this happening with the odds 4/1 at online gambling sites in US!

As Unexpected as Despacito

Does anyone remember Gangnam Style by Psy? The Korean dance song was the number 1 most-viewed videos on YouTube for 3 whole years! Psy is also the first ever Asian artist to top the list. The takeaway is an unexpected video with more views than Despacito could come from a dark horse that we know nothing about yet.

Despacito is a Phenomenon!

On the other hand, exceeding Despacito’s view count is a rough task. It takes 3 years before See You Again by Wiz Khalifa beat Gangnam Style. Then, almost another 2 years for Despacito to surpass See You Again. One can argue that a phenomenon like this only happens once every few years. Visit Unibet Sportsbook and bet on no (2/15) new video with more views than Despacito by 2018!
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