Winter Games 2018: Bet on Anna Gasser to Win Big Air Snowboarding!

Written by Thipphaphone Channavong on 2018-02-19 at 05:29
Anna Gasser to win Big Air Snowboarding Bet on Anna Gasser to Win Big Air Snowboarding! (source:
As we edge closer to the new Winter Olympics program, Anna Gasser shows no sign of backing down. On the contrary, the odds are tipping in favour of Anna Gasser to win Big Air Snowboarding! So let’s get to know a little bit more about her and this particular sport.

Big Air Snowboarding is a relatively new sport which combines snowboarding and skateboarding tricks. The athlete has to do big jumps off high ramps and then followed by complex tricks on the air. Hence, the name Big Air Snowboarding. Difficulty, Execution, Amplitude and Landing are the criteria on which they will be judged.

It was only a few years ago that Women’s Big Air Snowboarding showed up in the Winter X Games. One of the female athletes who dived into this sport early is Anna Gasser. According to online gambling news in South Korea, Anna is confirmed to be competing in the Ladies’ Big Air with the date of the final run on February 23. You should bet on Anna Gasser to win Big Air Snowboarding before then!

The Gymnast Turned Snowboarder

That’s right, Anna Gasser used to be in the Austrian National Gymnastics Team! It just shows that she has always had athletic talents. Now at the age of 26, Anna Gasser is a successful professional snowboarder despite started snowboarding late in her teens.

At the Winter Olympics 2018, online sportsbook sites in South Korea predict the best odds for Anna Gasser (2.240) to win Big Air Snowboarding. It comes as no surprise really. In the past two years, Anna managed to win bronze, silver and gold medals at the Winter X Games for Big Air!

Bet on Anna Gasser to Win Big Air Snowboarding at Pyeongchang 2018

According to online gambling sites in South Korea, the other competing athletes have no chance against Anna. Julia Marino, Reira Iwabuchi and Jamie Anderson all have 6.220 odds to win Big Air Snowboarding at Pyeongchang 2018. Their odds are miles behind her so how can you not bet on Anna Gasser to win Big Air Snowboarding? Head to Pinnacle Sportsbook to place your bets now!
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