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They’re already offering odds for a bet on the next Labour leader. Keir Starmer hasn’t been leader long but it already seems long enough. His carefully marshalled arguments are winning on planet Westminster but the nation is unimpressed. So it is only a matter of time before they ditch the plank and get a new leader. But just who should you back to be get the job alongside your regular bet on sports in the UK at Bet365? We take a look at the choice the party faces.

There are troops in the halls of power. The FBI are wailing the end is nigh. Congress is turning against him and his lawyer’s bills are high. They’re packing up the White House, he’s walking out the door, but you can now bet on Donald Trump coming back, in 2024. Online sportsbook sites in the US will give 11/1 that parts of rightwing America will re-elect their favored son. But whilst the odds over at Bovada, might tempt a zealous few, the rest of us should ignore it, it really isn’t true.

January 20th will be Donald Trump’s last day in office. But how does he intend to spend it? What is clear so far he will not be present at the ceremony. That means he has some other plans in mind. He might decide to golf, hide in the oval office, or have a 2024 rally. Here is what Trump during Biden’s inauguration betting odds suggest will most likely occur.

They voted for Brexit and now they’ve got it. The British are now experiencing the ramifications of their historic decision to leave the European Union. So, whilst online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offer odds on who’ll take the leap next, it’s unlikely there will be many takers. Obviously, you can just bet on the EU to make it as painful as possible for the UK. They want to set an example, and to judge by the prices on offer at the bookies, it’s probably working.

Parliament revising UK gambling laws is a populist move at a time Brexit isn’t making them popular. Unfortunately, this means MPs are not very popular amongst the gambling industry at present. In protection of their profits, the industry is strident in its criticism of current proposals. None more so than racing. Indeed they warn that perhaps this will lead to sites like Bet365 being unable to offer odds on UK horse racing at all. But is that even remotely close to being true?

The residents of the West Yorkshire region will be heading to the polls in May to elect their new mayor. Most parties have already named their candidates. Accordingly, the bookies launched their West Yorkshire mayoral election odds, with Labor’s Tracy Barbin most likely to win.

Just when you thought it was safe. When you thought US politics was about to re-enter the grey world of dull men. When it looked like it might quietly put the last four years of acrimony behind it. Donald Trump’s supporters demonstrated otherwise. This isn’t over yet. If you bet on US politics returning to anything even approaching normal anytime soon, you were wrong. Just look at the bets still available at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. It’s still real crazy.

Having got a deal the future of the British Prime Minister now hinge upon its results. It might have been a masterly piece of brinksmanship and diplomacy, but if it leaves people poorer? Who’ll care? Certainly not the Conservative Party. They’re not afraid to ditch those associated with failure. That’s why those who usually bet on sports in the UK should shift over and bet on British politics instead. Boris is 2/1 to get the heave-ho this year, and that’s a tempting wager.

Speculation is rising upon who is leaving and who is staying when Prime Minister Boris Johnson reshuffles his top team. We look at the top three secretaries to leave and the top three to stay, as per British cabinet reshuffle odds for 2021.