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If you find horse racing a boring and non-interactive kind of sport, think twice. You better read these 5 weirdest horse racing facts that will change your mind as they carry information you could never think about. Are you ready to see one of the most popular British sports from a new unexpected side?

Sports in the United Kingdom are not only about football, cricket, and horse racing, though all of them are very popular in this country. There are also some unusual and even weirdly popular sports in the UK locals love to watch or participate in. What are they?

From Casillas to Ronaldo: who are the most superstitious football players ever? Like many other professions, football has its own omens and rituals some players follow in order to bring fortune on their side. Read what these 5 players usually believe in and how they cope with bad luck.

British researchers have discovered that Golf is the most boring sport in the world. If you are a golf fan (have a nice sleep) fear not! The idea of Shotgun Golf is not new, but maybe mankind is grown enough to adapt to this beautiful game. While you can make bets on the biggest golf events through online sportsbooks in the US, 1xBET Sportsbook, for example, has one of the greatest odds, but why would you do it? Instead, you should work on making Shotgun Golf a national sport.

Those used to a weekly bet on sports in the UK or elsewhere will be seeking a replacement. The UK’s Online bookmakers will, in due course supply these. But on what will we all wager as the sporting calendar suffers through this unfortunate hiatus? We’re taking a look at the possibilities you could well see grace the books of Bet365 and the like soon. This week, it’s the shrinking world of aviation that may well provide an answer. So let’s check out this interesting alternative.  

Being the most followed individual on social networks is not an easy thing. Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram odds prove it as his fans try to predict everything related to the Juventus player, including his next steps on the most popular app.

The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize is closer day by day. While everyone expects the victory of Greta Thunberg, we have a different point of view. Based on the latest news, a bet on Pope Francis to win the act this year seems to be the most sensible wager. His great good-deeds that he just did for the refugees and how he translates the interests of humanity to the language of the Catholic Church and love is a way more admirable endeavor than anyone else's achievements.

Scoring a goal in football is the time of ultimate glory. However, there are some times when goal joy goes wrong. At the time of scoring, the football player is feeling that all his hard work of practicing and training bears its fruitful results. And at this magical point with the high of dopamine and adrenaline sportsman are celebrating. But sometimes they push it too far. There are many occasions when goal celebrating goes too far. Most of the times the result is some in-game penalty. Sometimes it's a big amount of cash penalty and there are also cases that are ending in tragedy.

Which zodiac sign are you? This question may sound silly in the 21st century. More and more people believe in science rather than in horoscope. However, most of us have always noticed something inexplicable and mysterious that interferes with our lives. What can it be? There is an assumption that many events in our life depend on the location of planets and stars on the day we were born. Besides, a lot of people believe that your horoscope matters. Thus, we happened to find some interesting and useful information about the best zodiac sign for gambling.

There are a huge number of animals and plants in the world that serve as barometers, temperature indicators or predictors of storms. The United States is famous for the legendary groundhog Phil. Also, some different cats and dogs are excellent earthquake experts. Besides, animals with the gift of prophecy exist in the world of gambling as well. Who are they and how are they helpful? Let us recall the most famous animals predicting bets.