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Bookmakers accept bets on Pobeda airlines to charge a fee for visiting the toilet on board the aircraft before 12/31/2020 with 36 odds. As you can see, the Pobeda airlines predictions have halved. Do analysts become more loyal to “Pobeda”? In their opinion, in 2020 we should not expect such innovations.

UK gambling laws strictly ban the placing of any wager that involves human suffering. It is deemed morally reprehensible to even suggest such a thing. However, the more keen-eyed amongst you will instantly notice there’s a flaw in this prohibition. There are already plenty of events that encompass this facet of life. Some of them more obvious than others. So, if you wish to know how to bet on human suffering, here are seven ways to do it without legal sanction.

They say that parenting is a job you don’t get a salary for. However, in the modern world, some families will completely disagree with such an opinion. Why? Because they know how to make money on their kids not using child labor. Those are the parents who are confident that their children will succeed in the future. Moms and dads are ready to bet the whole fortune on the talents of their kids. Read our article to learn more about betting on your children.  

The US President Donald Trump began to strengthen security in the country immediately after winning the elections in 2017. Now he is convinced that he will go for a second term and continue to fulfill his duties. But which new measures to strengthen US security is Donald Trump ready to implement? And what is hidden behind the “enhanced interrogation techniques”? Online gambling sites in the USA have already started offering bets on Trump homeland security picks. 

Every person has a desire to win a large amount of money while gambling. And usually, we want to spend those millions of dollars on fulfilling our dreams. Most people are convinced that unimaginable wealth will not influence them too much. However, in most cases, it is not true. We would like to tell you about several bets that changed the lives of ordinary people. 

With spring just around the corner we offer up seven tips for those who want to know how to gamble on the Highland Games. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are yet to catch on to this great collection of betting possibilities. That might limit participation by proximity but the rewards can be well worth it. So just in case, you manage to attend one of these traditional events here are some things to keep in mind. The things to look out for and those to avoid.

While doping in darts is a thing, darts disease is not a joke either. In our previous article, we were finding out what is the most serious doping for darts. Now let me introduce you to the disease called dartitis. Eric Bristow was the first to talk about dartitis in 1986. Fortunately, he could recover and regain his position in the world rankings. During the 2017 Grand Slam of darts, we could meet another case of dartitis. Berry van Peer suffered the drawback of this viperish condition.

Chess has many funny moments. The game is taken seriously as much as possible. And chess players are very bad losers. I am not intending to present you with an overall collection of all the strange or fun or shameless chess moments. This is just some Friday appetizer from the world of chess. We can see many things, grandmasters throwing around pieces, players kicking others in balls, but all in all the game of chess is beautiful indeed. Maybe it is a bit too serious and sometimes lacks sportsmanship.