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Beach volleyball is incredibly popular around the world. Whether it is played for fun, on an actual beach or not, it is something to try out. As we are slowly reaching into the summer season in 2021, complete beach volleyball betting is more useful than ever. We collect the biggest upcoming events, market, rules to follow, players to learn about. Get involved in beach volleyball from our ultimate betting guide, and try your luck at your favourite sportsbooks. 

Sports betting includes various types of bets every punter has to know about. Nowadays, the biggest online sportsbooks count more than a dozen of bet variations. Here are all types of bets that exist in 2021.

As a football enthusiast, it has most likely crossed your mind to strike lucky on big moments for your favorite team and players. Or, maybe you are already betting on a regular basis. Either way, it is highly important to check out our thoughts on how to win football bets in 2021 here.

Indian Premier League or in short IPL, is a cricket league which originated in India in 2007. In some ways, IPL is more famous than the regular variants of cricket. IPL usually takes place in the spring and early summer seasons of March and May. The league currently consists of 8 teams. These teams represent 8 cities/states in India. The format of IPL is the fast-paced Twenty20, which keeps the games exciting. IPL is hands down the most popular cricket league. Effective broadcasting has been one of the most lucrative ways IPL has spread throughout the globe. With the rising popularity and the compelling need to learn more about IPL, we have prepared a cricket Indian premier league guide for you.

Do you want to know how to bet on Car of the Year, one of five annual awards presented by the World Car Awards? Check the best tips now as the 2021 World Car of the Year show is just around the corner. 

Yachting is quite a popular sport among punters. If you want to bet on its competitions too, yachting betting tips will come in handy. Learn where and how you can wager on yachting in 2021.

Many people who are fond of sports as fans have the illusory idea that it is not so difficult to predict the results of competitions, games, matches. Why not use the available legal services of bookmakers and make money effortlessly? However, most newbies quickly drain their bank at the bookmaker's office, get frustrated and abandon this business. And this is in the best case, because those who rush desperately to recoup, lose even larger sums. Very often this happens due to an incorrectly selected event for a bet. We will tell you how to choose the best competitions to bet on.

There are certain things that you should know about sports betting vs other forms of gambling before you eventually pick one. There are actually many different popular types of gambling that you can go for.