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Anyone who bet on the Labour Party to do better in the local elections was kidding themselves. Even if you didn’t bet on the Conservative Party to win in Hartlepool you knew it wasn’t going to end well. Now, however, you have to wonder if Labour will continue to bet on Keir Starmer leading them to victory. It seems unlikely. Hence the odds on Andy Burnham as the next leader of the Labour Party have tumbled at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 recently.

In their scandalous interview, Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they are expecting a girl as their second child. All that is left for bookies is to make predictions about the girl’s name and birth date. It seems that we already have the Royal Baby's day of birth revealed - which day will she be born?

Horse racing is part of British sports culture, and as such, closely connects to betting. Many say that horse race betting is in a downfall, yet there are arguments on both sides. In the future of horse racing, however, loud voices collide. From machine training to animal welfare the future of horse racing raises many questions. In this article, we discuss the debate on the popular UK leisure activity. 

If you have watched TV back in the 1990s, you should have heard about The X-Files - one of the most iconic series of that time. This year, you can bet on The X-Files reboot to take place. Why is there a possibility of a new version of the legendary television series to hit small screens?

Movie soundtracks are essential parts of any motion picture. Yet you can probably only name a few that is so distinctive anyone will recognise them. We dedicate this article to famous film composers and their work. This article discusses the best movie soundtracks in history, make sure to give them a listen!

We may criticise International women’s day from many angles. Yet, we object to dedicate some time and review the success and progress of female athletes today. While gender equality in sports is certainly getting better in recent year, there are issues to further work on. Find out some of the struggles female athletes have to face and their underlying causes. 

There are certain things that you should know about sports betting vs other forms of gambling before you eventually pick one. There are actually many different popular types of gambling that you can go for.

There are certain difficulties in sports betting that you may come across while gambling. In fact, sports betting is much more complicated than just placing bets on your favorite team or the player.