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To be Jan Oblak, the world's greatest goalkeeper, is not the easiest job. It requires excellent stopping abilities, coupled with brilliant positioning and a God like control of the penalty area. Welcome to the wonderful world of Jan Oblak who plays for Atletico Madrid.

So what is ball tampering in cricket? Most professional sports are governed by a set of rules. And cricket is no different and is overseen by the International Cricket Council. The sport of cricket, for whatever reason, still remains tied to gentlemanly ideals and the myth of “fair play”. There is a rule that states, "it is an offense for any player to take any action which changes the condition of the ball."

In light of the terrible accident that befell renowned free climber, Brad Gobright, lets have a look back at a report on climbing injuries and fatalities. Not to be morbid, but to try and ascertain where chance and equipment might play a role.

Olympic champion, Csaba Burján member of the Hungarian speedskater team was traveling from Japan to China. At the airport, he made an Instagram post, a picture followed with the words “F*ckin China”. After the Hungarian skater offends China, Zhang Jing the head coach of Hungarian short track skating is resigning.

Nothing quite mixes the excitement of blood and money as the betting on blood sports, most notably, that of dog fighting. In spite of legal efforts, it exists as an underground sport in virtually all countries around the world. And where there's dog fighting, there's also dog fight betting.

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