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If you like listening to music, you probably use Spotify to listen to your favorite artists and songs. In the app, you can see what artist or playlist you listen to the most. Did you know that every year you can bet on the top streaming artists on Spotify? 2021 is nearly over, so if you want to bet on the top Spotify artist odd, don't hesitate!

Even though the 94th Academy Awards seem far away, it's high time to start predicting the winner. Among the 224 categories, Best Actor usually takes over the headline. This year The Best Actor category is full of highly talented actors, like Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Denzel Washington. So guessing the winner is not as easy. On the other hand with the Oscar Best Actor Odds for 2022 you can guess more easily.

Christmas is just around the corner and there is a thing we all adore about it. It's the Christmas songs for sure. Over the year choosing a Christmas Number one has become a tradition. In the United Kingdom, are Christmas number ones that are top of the UK Singles Chart. And that usually takes place during the week where Christmas Day falls. Also, sometimes Number ones it's the best-selling song of the year. It has become a very prestigious thing, and from year to year, anyone can bet on the outcome. This is one of the largest betting events in the UK. Last year the Number one single was "Don't Stop Me Eatin'" by LadBaby. This year's betting has already started. Are you excited about it? Here are the Christmas top song odds in 2021!

All in all, 2022 has been an amazing and exciting year for movie fans. After last year’s lock-down, this year many long-awaited films have debuted. Not to mention all the film festivals that have reopened this year after a year-long hiatus. We can’t be more excited about the upcoming Oscar Awards. So many good movies with exceptional directors. Are you curious about the Best Director Oscar 2022 Odds right now?

With the awards season already started it is high time to put your bet on the Oscars. 2021 is a gold mine of the film industry, so let’s take a look at this year’s movies. Do you want to put on your bets? Read the 2022 Oscar Best Picture Odds, and you’ll sure make your money.

The return of the famous British show is long-awaited. Details have already been revealed. We can see many famous stars on the list of competitors. All in all, the season couldn’t be more exciting! But who is most likely to win this year and who is not? These are the 2022 Dancing on Ice predictions!

As you may all know RTE Sports Awards will take place in December, just as usual. The Sports Person of the year will be the Irish sportsperson who has achieved the most this year. The nominees are out, and the betting has started. So let’s find out what are the RTE Sports Person of the Year Award odds in 2021!

Swedish Idol is back for an amazing seventeenth season. There are many talented and amazing singers competing this year. Every one of them has unique style and performance. But who has the most chance to win? Look at the Swedish Idol 2021 prediction to find out!

X Factor Italy is one the most exciting singing competitions you shouldn’t miss. This year’s competitors are very talented as usual, and we are excited about the outcome. Right now, Erio is the frontrunner when it comes to bet on X Factor Italy 2021.

The American company Tesla announced the postponement of the start of production of an electric pickup truck to the second half of 2022. After that, all details about the characteristics of the truck and its prices disappeared  from the company's website, the Electrek portal noted. In this article, we will discuss the Cybertruck release date predictions. Let’s get it started!