The Wheel of Time just kicked off last year, but it is already highly anticipated. The series has had one season so far, and the second one is just around the corner. If you watched the series itself, or you just like to make a good bet, you should really check out the odds and predictions on The Wheel of Time! ... read more

People are just all in, when it comes to reality shows. And these exciting social experiences just get even more exciting, when they recruit celebrities for the shows! That is why the so-called Celebrity Big Brother is something you do not want to miss – and neither do you the odds on the show! ... read more

In case you are someone, who follows the world of the internet, you are probably familiar with the names of the Paul-brothers. They started YouTube, but now they are everywhere! As such, the net worth of Logan and Jake Paul is growing all the time – see the odds on them! ... read more

The next Thor movie is coming to theaters in 2022 – and the odds and predictions are all in for it! Are you too? If you are, check out all the information here, and make your bets before the movie comes out, and it is too late! ... read more

The gala season of 2022 is coming closer with every day! That means, there are more and more predictions on the possible Academy Award winners. But it also means that the odds are here – check out those on the best director at the 2022 Oscar! ... read more

The Walking Dead must be the most popular horror show of all time. It has been around since 2010, and people are still looking forward to the newest seasons. And they do get it! Now, The Walking Dead season 11 is already started, and the prediction is also here on it! ... read more

Have you ever heard of Teqball? In case you like sports – or just sports betting – you probably have. But do you exactly know the rules and the benefits of this kind of sport? And have your hearing, that you can even bet on it? Well, now with this teqball betting guide, you will find out everything you need to know! ... read more

Those who more or less keep up with the political situation of each country in the world, probably know that there is an important election coming up in Middle-East European Country, Hungary. It will be something that we have never seen before! But why is it special? And what are the odds on the next Hungarian Prime Minister? Let us see the details on it! ... read more

Most people love gambling because it is exciting and it is fun. But let us just be honest for a second: everybody cares about the possible wins too! It is true for sports bettors, those who love slot machines, and poker players as well. As poker tournaments have a long tradition, it is obvious that playing poker comes with huge wins. But how huge? And who are the lucky ones to win? Let us see the biggest poker wins of all time! ... read more

There are a couple of gambling forms that are known for the highest possible wins. One of them is obviously the lotto. You might not think, but you can also win amazing amounts by playing some enjoyable slot machines. If you do not believe us, keep on reading to find out more about the biggest slot wins of all time – they will convince you! ... read more

Whoever gambles in a casino – be it land-based or online – always wishes for the best. For the biggest bonus, the biggest jackpot, the possibly biggest win, but not everyone gets that! In fact, there are very few people who are lucky enough to win a fortune playing in casinos. Now, let us see the biggest casino wins of all time, and the people who could make it! ... read more

We all know that trends are coming and going all the time. But that does not mean we are not always excited to see what is next! It is true to many things, for example, gambling. Because yes, new trends tend to rise when it comes to online gambling: so, let us see what 2022 can be holding for us! ... read more

The British television dance contest is one of the most popular shows – that is beyond questioning. As such, it is not too surprising, that there are several odds: even on Strictly Come Dancing 2022! If you could not get enough of the 2021 show, or you are just up to some great bets, keep on reading to find out more about your options! ... read more

Golf Major Winner 2022 Odds

We barely started 2021, and 2022 is already around the corner! That means, we have a new beginning at our doors, but it also means there is a bunch of bets that we can make – all about the upcoming year! If you like sports bets, then you will be excited about the odds on who will be a golf major winner in 2022! ... read more

With every day, Christmas is getting closer and closer. We hope you have everything worked out so far, from the dinner menu to all the presents. That way, you will have some time to make some bets on the weather, and what it is going to be like in Australia on Christmas – the odds are already here for that! Keep on reading and find out more about the predictions! ... read more

The national election in the US is still quite far away – we can only be excited about the midterm elections in the near future. But that does not mean, there is nothing in the politics of the States, that is worth wondering about and betting on! The gubernatorial election in Texas is coming up, and the odds are already here for you! ... read more

People are wondering all the time: what does the future hold for us? We cannot do anything about it, it is in our nature. But the past two years made it almost impossible to predict anything about our upcoming years. However, there are already some special bets for New Year’s Eve, that might worth a shot! ... read more

Double win on the lottery: it might sound like an impossible thing. However, a man in North Carolina did it! And the best part of the whole story is the fact that he did it by accident. But what is the trick? How can you do that too? Let us see the details of this unbelievable story! ... read more

In case you are a fan of F1, you are familiar with these two car racers – but not as boxers! But in case you like to place a sports bet or two, you also know that there are several box matches, where famous people get to settle their personal debates. Well, there might be one for Hamilton and Verstappen – and the boxing odds are already here! ... read more

It is this wonderful time of the year again: Christmas is getting closer every day! We do not mean to annoy you with this –we are not here to tell you to hurry up with the Christmas presents. On the contrary, we are here to offer you some special betting events for Christmas, so that you can get your mind off all the stuff, that you have to do soon. So, let us distract you with some exciting odds! ... read more