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Mobile Casinos in China

China is huge. But there is officially no online gambling available to its inhabitants. Consequently there are no domestic mobile casinos either.

China has three state-owned mobile operators: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. They have a total of about 1.1 billion subscribers (82% penetration). The number of smartphones is expected to grow from 330 million to 500 million during the year 2013. The number of mobile internet users is already close to that.

Two thirds of the mobile devices in use run Android, with Symbian (17%) and iOs (10%) not coming even close. The manufacturers’ market is much more evenly divided among the main players, such as Nokia (20%), Samsung (20%), Apple (10%) and a couple of lesser brands.

Chinese players have all the tools at their disposal to access foreign mobile casinos, though the government‘s efforts to block certain sites can make such access more difficult.