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Did you already have enough of betting on gala events in 2021? Are you tired of betting on sports events? Then, why will not you place some bets on events based on politics? The 2022 Brazilian election odds are here for you to bet on!

Supposedly, 46% of Americans would support Dwayne Johnson running for President. If that doesn’t alarm you, Dwayne not ruling out a run ought to. He even appears willing to wait a while before doing so. Now where once this would simply have amused, after Trump things are different. The old political certainties are gone. Thus, online betting sites in the US like Bovada have to offer odds on Dwayne Johnson every bit as much they do on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

Those who regularly bet on politics in the UK can’t explain it. The pundits can’t explain it. No one can explain it. The odds on Boris Johnson and the Conservatives remain healthy despite a string of scandals. Apparently, the British populous are willing to see it through to the bitter end and so is Boris. However whilst the public stand square behind Boris you can bet on the Conservative Party eying where to stick the knife when it comes time for Bojo to carry the can.

Those who usually bet on sports in Poland may not find much temptation in the odds on Polexit. Whilst online bookies in Poland like Bet365 have dropped their prices on it happening, it won’t. Sure, Poland could leave the EU, in the same way Pogon Szczecin could beat Liverpool. But you do have to retain a sense of perspective on the chances of it actually happening. Indeed rushing out to bet on Polexit may be a tad premature. After Brexit, no-one is that crazy, are they?

Boris Johnson’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester was an amusing piece of political theatre. Ignoring the manifold issues facing the nation he said very little of substance. By now, in any sane universe, Boris would be political road kill. In modern Britain he’s still as popular as ever. That’s why the odds on the Conservatives haven’t started to slide at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. It something some can’t quite understand.

Obstructionism is catching. You can bet on Joe Biden having expected it from the Republicans. The Republicans oppose anything Democrats say or suggest regardless of its merit. However, it isn’t the Republicans getting in the way of Joe’s agenda now. It’s Democrats. So whilst the odds on Joe Biden at online betting sites in the US like Bovada remain stable, that might not last. Joe has pinned his future on this bill, and the Democrats theirs on Biden, but two senators don’t care.

Betting activities on political events in main democratic western countries are on the rise. Therefore, it is important to have a look at what political events are the most popular for betting. In addition, we discuss how far the odds are accurate, especially the Presidential betting odds.

Even when he wins you have to feel sorry for Keir Starmer. He should have one of the easiest jobs in the world; criticizing Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, he lacks access to the obvious routes of attack and is too busy battling with the grassroots of his own party. He seems to have won that fight for now, but convincing the voters to back his party is far more difficult. That’s why online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 still offer such horrible odds on the Labour Party winning.

You can always bet on politics in the US to entertain. Especially in the post-Trump era. The GOP find themselves on the back foot but the Democrats are blunting their own attack. Just when they need to present a united front, they’re squabbling amongst themselves. Fortunately, voters may not care about infrastructure as much as they do avoiding living in Texas. Indeed Democrats can now probably rely on Texas to make them a safe bet on the US midterm elections in 2022.

Any Democrat running for Governor in Texas faces an uphill struggle. A State willing to elect George W Bush, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott is firmly in the red column. So you can bet on Beto O’Rourke to have quite the time as he runs in 2022. Indeed the Texas GOP already see him as the biggest threat to their grip on power. Because he is. Hence, you can find such good odds on the 2022 Texas Gubernatorial election going his way at online betting sites in the US like Bovada.