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Online Lottery in Swaziland

Swaziland’s national lottery is operated by the Admiral Leisure World Limited and provides some of the most widely played public games in the country. The lottery has been one of the oldest gaming sectors in the country and has developed considerably since the Admiral company took over its management. However, beside the many successes in offering land-based lotto games they still haven’t introduced online lottery in Swaziland.   Beside the domestic offer, there are also foreign licensed online lotto sites available for residents of Swaziland. Among these platforms there are some who belong to the “main players” in the world lottery industry. They offer first class gaming experience and user-friendly lottery platforms with hundreds of variations of lottery games including: classical lottery, instant lottery, keno, etc. Most of their products are regularly accompanied by exclusive online lottery promotions.
Is online lottery legal in Swaziland? Yes.
Are there trustworthy lottery sites accepting players from Swaziland? Yes.
Can I deposit via PaySafeCard/Skrill/Trustly?  Yes.
Do online lottery sites accept SZL? Some. 

Online Lottery Laws in Swaziland

The possibilities for offering and playing land-based lottery games in Swaziland are regulated with the Casino Act of 1963 and the Lotteries Act of 1963. According to these laws lottery” is defined in several ways: as a scheme, institution, system, plan or design by means of which a prize or prizes may be won, drawn or awarded according to what may be determined by chance or lot, whether by throwing dice, withdrawing cards or tickets, sweepstakes, drawing lots or by wheel or other mechanical means or other methods of selection by chance. This broad definition of lotto games is used to legalize not only lotto but also bingo games in the country as well as various table games. Within these legal limits the national lottery offers their products on the domestic market. Although there are no specific online lottery laws in Swaziland, several articles within the laws above also serve for regulating the work of the online lotto sites in the country. However, as of January 2020, the public lottery in Swaziland does not offer online options for play. The specter of online lottery games available for playing in Swaziland is not, however, limited only to the domestic providers. Foreign sites offering online lottery have reported that many players from Swaziland take part in games available at their online platforms. What makes these sites even more attractive for lottery players worldwide is that most of them offer a rich variety of online lottery bonuses, which can be of use to any passionate online lotto player.

Online Lottery Payment Methods in Swaziland

Every money transaction on the online lottery sites licensed in Swaziland is reliable and secured. As a global payment solution, credit and debit cards offered by VISA and MasterCard are the most common way for customers to pay online on these websites. Other cards which are as efficient and reliable as these two include: Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, eKonto or PayPal. For more information on the payment options in Swaziland, consult the online lottery reviews directory.

Online Lottery Sites Accepting SZL

Due to the popularity of online lottery among citizens of Swaziland, it is possible to find several online lottery sites accepting SZL worldwide. Playing on these sites provides players from Swaziland with possibility to avoid paying unnecessary exchange fees. However, in case you are using an online lottery sites which does not support SZL, it is recommended to set up an e-wallet account on the currencies supported by the sites, in order to minimize the frequency of applying exchange fees.

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