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Most gamblers focus on sports gambling or betting on politics, not knowing about tv shows betting and how to bet on tv shows.

Gambling is usually thought to be a men's activity, but many women enjoy playing casino games too. Some of them even managed to win big money in various tournaments and leave their male opponents behind. So, who are the most famous female gamblers and what gambling games are they good at?

A Lottery winner stole $4 million ticket in December 2019. A Massachusetts woman who claimed a $4 million scratch-ticket prize, is now accused of exploiting the alleged real winner, because he couldn’t speak English.

Making the biggest bet ever is surely a prestigious title. Something to be remembered of. While some people have the resources and the knowledge to hack the lottery or always win on the horse racing, others are cheating somehow or relying basically on luck.  The hero of this story was also relying basically on luck but he did it with class.

We found many Guinness gambling world records as we were flipping through the Guinness Book of World Records for anything gambling related. Here are some of the many entries we discovered. Lets kick off with slots.

Whether you go to the physical casino or just play online, we're all doing it for the same reason ( get poorer!), for the thrill of the win. Casinos have been part of life for many years. Today it's more easier to play than ever thanks to the Internet.

While having the fun of playing roulette it might never cross your mind to add up the numbers on the table. If you do this you can find an interesting secret of roulette numbers - they add up to 666, the number of the beast. Adding up the numbers by different methodologies you will always see the number six appear.