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If you think that professional education in the gambling world is a joke, try again. There are several gambling studies that actually exist at universities throughout the world. Moreover, they have a way longer history that you can expect. Let’s check what unis are ready to teach you gambling tricks - from making casino games to dealing with their promotion.

Summer is here and luckily the weather looks summery too. People are starting to search for the coolest holiday destinations where they can leave the work and the noisy city behind. They just want to relax and enjoy the calmness of the chosen place.  But if we do not want to leave the work and the gambling behind? What about the gamblers, for whom online casinos are the real entertainment? Now we will show you the best gambling holidays around the World! Get your passport ready and join us!

Gambling tourism or casino tourism combines two exciting things - exploring new places and spending time in gambling venues. However, it is also an important industry that brings huge tax revenues and benefits other spheres. Today we are going to talk about the other side of the casino industry, so get ready - it’s time to learn some facts about gambling tourism. 

Lottery is one of the most popular activities throughout the entire world, so India is no exception. We know that the gambling laws regarding lottery are varied by states, however, the unbeatable offers of the online lotto sites in India are unanimously popular across the country. You can find several exciting sites, where you can hit the jackpot anytime! And remember: online lotteries usually offer higher odds and bigger prizes! So if you are curious about how online lottery ticket purchases in Kerala works, keep on reading!

Land-based casinos use numerous psychological tricks to keep their visitors gambling. It’s no secret that casino owners spend a lot of money on studying consumers’ behavior. These studies help to learn more about casino visitors and create an ideal gaming venue. Today, we are going to learn about social engineering, how offline casinos manipulate you, and what can you do about it.

Online casinos in India are as common as anywhere else in the word. In fact you don't have to travel very far into India to see that the people absolutely love to gamble. It's a difficult to know whether the Chinese or Indians would win the gold medal at the Gambling Olympics. Here in India, you can wager on all the normal casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, video poker and roulette. But they also have games only known to the sub-continent such as Flish, Bahar, Andar, Passa and Paplu.

Nowadays, the gambling market competition is so tough that even great land-based casinos have to offer something special in order to survive. Casino owners try to come up with unique concepts, ideas, and locations for their facilities. W866e have prepared the list of 8 weirdest casino locations you should definitely visit.

As they say....fake it until you make it! And so it was with the fake casino VIP room hoax. A clever scam that convinced high rolling punters that they were taking part in legitimate casino games in casino VIP rooms, when in fact they were playing (and simultaneously being played), in spruced up hotel rooms at the Cotai Luxury Hotel in Macau.

After numerous reports about cyberattacks on Asian gambling firms, Trend Micro, the cybersecurity company, conducted research on the subject. They discovered that the advanced persistent threat group used infecting documents to carry out cyber espionage. According to research, cybercriminals may be linked to Chinese hacking groups like Emissary Panda and Winnti. Trend Micro named a new hacking group ''DRBControl ''.