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Trust Elon Musk to bring something left field to the table. The big news today is that it will be offering online casino games to the passengers, Tesla owner In car gambling. With the car company now manufacturing in China, Tesla has rolled out a new feature for it's proprietary dashboard. Called the Tesla Archade, it's placed between the driver and passenger seats and offers various streaming services, puzzles and games.

Poker podcasts are a great way to learn more about poker strategies and industry insights. They are available on different streaming services, but the most popular are Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. You can find thousands of pokercasts on the Internet, but how to choose the best one? We have prepared a list of the best poker podcasts which you can listen to while traveling.

Scientists and employees of large corporations from all over the world are creating super-intelligent artificial intelligence. This system must have such mental capabilities that can surpass human ones. Modern robots are far from the pinnacle of evolution. Despite the experts could take a step towards progress, and artificial intelligence in online poker is working now.

So what exactly are mobile gambling apps? Today you can do everything from the screen of your mobile phone. Check the weather, set the thermostat at home and order you shopping. In fact, you're a good chance that you're actually reading this on your trusty mobile. So it's only a small step from all those activities, to being able to have a flutter.

Although the prototype of the slot machine was invented in the 19th century, the modern version of the game started to gain popularity only in the 50s. According to online gambling sites in the USA, slots still remain one of the most popular games both online and in reality. Today, we are going to reveal 7 ways of how to manipulate the slot machine in real-life, from the easiest to the hardest ones.

Hold onto your hats everyone....Google has just announced that it's prepared to change it's stance on US gambling advertisements in 2020. The plan is to ease up on casino advertising and rid the internet of the sweeping ban on gambling ads.

Zoom Poker’s Fast-Fold version is the best game for try-hard players and maniac grinders. Online poker is much faster than the real-life version. However, regular Holdem modes can be boring for a lot of people. If you will learn how to play zoom poker with the fast-fold feature, you won’t just be able to make a lot of money but you can make it much faster.

Gambling bots are algorithms that help the users to gamble without the personal element. These well-written codes can help you to place bets or play poker with the perfect hand even while you offline. Even more, these tools can help you earn more money with minimalized risk-taking. If you would like to learn how to obtain and how to use a gambling bot take a glimpse at our article.