2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum Odds Are Smoking Hot

Posted: July 1, 2020

Updated: July 1, 2020

  • Death, Weed And Government - Kiwis Face Questions In Sept Polls
  • 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum Odds Available At Bet365
  • Jacinda Arden Odds On To Win Another Term For NZ Labour Party

When the Kiwis go to the polls this September they’ll probably re-elect the massively popular Jacinda Ardern. However, whilst they’re choosing a new government they’ll also be asked to vote on two more very important questions. Now online sportsbooks sites in New Zealand like Bet365 are obviously not offering odds on the legalization of death. But if you want some 2020 New Zealand cannabis referendum odds, well, that’s a totally different packet of rolling papers. 

Presuming polling day goes ahead, something that under the present circumstances isn’t certain, Jacinda will win. Her personal approval ratings are sky high and her party leads by a clear margin. Perhaps because the election is a bit of a foregone conclusion the Kiwis also face two more questions at the ballot box. However, if they vote positively in the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds are they may not need an answer to the second question.

Or, at least, not so often. The other question is about the legalization of Euthanasia. Just how many fewer people will wish to end their lives when they can spend it stoned is debatable. New Zealand gambling laws, naturally, don’t allow for wagers on suffering, so forget about betting on Euthanasia. The 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds are, on the other hand, available at online bookies in NZ like Bet365. Glancing at the prices they offer, it looks like legal weed is on the way. 

2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum Odds Tighten Up

The legalization of cannabis has long been a social movement. Once, however, it was simple to dismiss as the province of hippies and beatniks. Just something those crazy Dutch did. These days, things are different. The spread of decriminalization and legalization across the United States has revealed more tangible rewards than just a good buzz. Looking at the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds are this has more to do with tax revenues than personal freedoms.

Odds On NZ Weed Referendum 

  • Vote To Pass – 5/6
  • Vote To Deny – 8/11

It’s not like prohibition ever stops people getting stoned anyway. With legalization will come numerous benefits beyond mere tax revenues, of course. Regulation for a start. After the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds are working conditions will improve, as will the quality of the weed. The knock-on effects could be huge. A positive vote will doubtless attract more tourists to visit, especially from the more draconian Australia. Something the economy badly needs.

2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum Odds
Cannabis flower

Anyone Can Bet On Sports In New Zealand At Bet365

The 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds currently on offer at sites like Bet365 indicate the treasury will be happy. The vote passing gets a rather pleasing 5/6 and the chances of it failing are only given 8/11 by the bookies. This is an inexorable slide towards a victory for the pro-smoke campaign. At this rate by polling day they’ll be well ahead. Somewhat like Jacinda Arden and the Labour Party already are. Their prices at the bookies make them a shoo-in. 

Bet On The 2020 NZ Election 

  • Any Other Party – 40/1
  • NZ First – 24/1
  • National Party – 4/1
  • Labour Party – 1/7

Right now you can barely get 1/7 on Labour winning another term. The National Party are an extremely distant 4/1 and, frankly, slipping away as time marches on. So, like the numbers in the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds are the National Party will be at least 24/1 by September. A price NZ First already get at online betting sites in New Zealand like Bet365. Still, you’d have to be stoned out of your mind to bet on politics in New Zealand and back them.

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We take a look at the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum odds ahead of a polling day that will allow people to decide on matters of weed, death, and who’ll be the next government.

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