Lobby for New French Online Poker Taxation System

Régis Juanico and Jacques Myrad, members of the National Assembly, proposed a new French online poker taxation framework.

Members of the National Assembly, Régis Juanico and Jacques Myrad, have released a report, recommending a number of changes to the French online poker taxation system. The current system has been criticized for being overcomplicated and disadvantageous for operators and players as well. Introduced in 2010, the framework in force requires operators pay their taxes on the amount staked, instead of gross revenue. Furthermore, pots are taxed at a 2% rate that has a significant effect on the profit of players and operators. The report urges to establish a two-tier overseeing body. As of now, a number of ministries are in charge of online poker oversight. A new taxation framework, based on gross revenues, is also among the proposed changes.

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