ABBA Reformation Tempts in the 2018 Christmas Number 1 Odds

Yes, that’s right folks, it’s time for that annual tradition that is a wager on the best-selling single in the UK over Xmas and adding a resurrection element perhaps more suitable for Easter to the 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba are back from the grave. Sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK today, will give you 16/1 on the Swedes getting this dubious honor but with Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and The Spice Girls all getting better odds can they?

2018 Christmas Number 1 Odds

2018 UK Christmas No.1

  • Shan – 20/1
  • Michael Buble – 20/1
  • Abba – 16/1
  • Spice Girls – 12/1
  • Ed Sheeran – 10/1
  • Ariana Grande – 9/1
  • George Ezra – 8/1
  • Elton John – 7/1
  • Queen – 7/1
  • Lady Gaga – 7/1
  • Dalton Harris – 5/1

Christmas music has three basic varieties. Traditional, Religious and Pop. Some tunes, and indeed some artists flow between the three over the years. A pop song becomes a tradition, a religious song becomes a pop tune, a pop artist suddenly does a religious song. The Xmas No.1 is thus just a tad random and the 16/1 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba get represent the uncertain nature of the beast. A novelty wager it might be, but that doesn’t make it a simple one.

The fact that in the 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba exist at all barely surprises. At Xmas in the UK just about anything goes and sites like Bet365 offer those taking a break from placing their usual bet on sports in the UK a whole range of artists to back. However, going on previous winners you might want to think twice before chasing after the usual suspects. This is a piece of hype that has long since defied any real logic, and has often been hijacked for dubious purpose.   

Will The Pop Charts Be Hijacked Again?  

Image result for lady gagaMost notably in 2009 a campaign got “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine to the top spot on December 25th, contrasting interestingly with “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke the year before and “When We Collide” by Matt Cardle the year after. Anything goes. The 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba get right now are, if anything, a bit too long at 16/1 especially when three time winners The Spice Girls, also reformed (four fifths of them) get barely 12/1.

Which way will the great unwashed lean come the big day? Well the bookies like Bet365 seem to think it’ll be less religious and more pop this year, with Ed Sheeran garnering a very interesting 10/1, Ariana Grande a 9/1 chance and George Ezra just 8/1, which is massively shorter than it ought to be and, frankly, makes those 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba is getting look very tempting indeed and well worth taking advantage of liberal UK gambling laws to wager upon.   

2018 Christmas Number 1 Odds – Abba 16/1 At Bet365

Elton JohnThe Swedes may mix elements of all three genres together but Slade, Wizzard and The Pogues never did and they’re still earning off their Xmas hits, which might explain why Lady Gaga comes in at 7/1 at about the same price on sites like Bet365 as the Bohemian Rhapsody movie tie-in from Queen, and the seasonal offering from longtime industry stalwart Elton John, and if they don’t sway you from taking the 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba gets try Dalton Harris.  

Dalton Harris is the current favorite getting 5/1 at sites like Bet365, a price that wholly eclipses the 2018 Christmas Number 1 odds Abba garners however much more famous they are. That’s the thing about the entire market, it is a voyage into the unknown as the zeitgeist rather than cold calculation has to lead you toward backing a winner and there will be plenty in the UK gambling news their chosen song has made it to the top spot in time for the Queen’s Speech. It’s tradition. 

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