All Four Hostages Freed From Coral Sportsbook Shop Unharmed

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After a tense standoff with police, all four hostages freed from Coral Sportsbook’s shop in Jarrow have been confirmed to be alive and well.

A number of people in the small town of Jarrow, in Northeast England, experienced a terrifying ordeal on Sunday evening when a man entered into a Coral bookmakers shop armed with a shotgun and took four people hostage.

An intense 3-hour standoff with police ensued, but eventually the suspect was apprehended without the use of lethal force. Eventually, UK gambling news confirmed that all four hostages free from Coral Sportsbook’s Jarrow shop were alive and physically unharmed.

Dame Vera Barid, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, confirmed on her Twitter account that the suspect was armed with a “sawn-off,” but was apprehended “without police use of firearms.” In a day and age when deadly attacks have regularly become headline news, this came as a massive relief.

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