Should You Bet on the UK Calling a Second EU Referendum?

Should You Bet on the UK Calling a Second EU Referendum?

As legal experts have shown that there is nothing stopping Brittan cancelling its exit from the European Union and as many European leaders have already agreed to let the UK straight back in without having to Re-apply, there’s nothing stopping the UK government holding a second EU referendum. Why not bet on it happening, a second EU referendum bet!

Brexit is a hot topic when it comes to UK voters and opinion is certainly divided among the electorate, many are of the opinion that the only way to finally settle the debate once and for all is a good old fashioned vote. That vote would be a referendum, a second referendum when it comes to the UK leaving the EU, but is it possible to vote on the same thing twice?

What about article 50?

In Article 50 – the lengthy legal document that serves as the rulebook for Britain exiting the European Union – a lot is said about a great many things (and very pedantically at that) yet nothing can be found about not allowing Britain to cancel its exit!

It’s a there’s nothing in the rulebook that says dog can’t play basketball type Serrano where the emission of a situation from the rules means cancelling Brexit is a would-be legal situation. However, if Brexit gets overturned, by a referendum or otherwise, it is almost certain that the leaders of other EU nations would welcome the UK back.

Why the first of January?

Working backwards from the time allowed to exit the EU, that latest possible time a referendum could be held would be the first of January 2019. That means that it is possible for lobbyists to push for a second referendum in the parliament.

Second EU Referendum

How about the public?

According to recent polls, public opinion is in favour of cancelling Brexit. In fact, 52% of voters asked in a survey have stated that they would vote to cancel Brexit if it came to a referendum. So public opinion is on the side of staying but is it enough to persuade the government to hold another referendum?

That is the big question and the fact that online gambling promotions sites, which tend to be spot on when it comes to odds, are taking bets on this tells us that it’s not totally out of the question!

How about the odds for a second UK referendum bet?

With Unibet Sportsbook giving odds of (8/1) for the UK to hold a referendum before the first of January 2019 you can win big, for a bet of £28, one pound for each country in the EU (Including the UK!) will win you £224. What a happy new year for the UK (and your wallet!)

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