Bet on a United Ireland Referendum Before the Year 2021!

What is the possibility of Ireland uniting as one nation in the near future? Let’s explore the United Ireland odds before betting!

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Soon to be United instead of Northern?

Talks of uniting Ireland have been present for a long time. After Brexit, the fire in this idea seems to further grow. What are the odds for a United Ireland referendum to occur before 2021?

According to internet gambling news sites in Ireland, a United Ireland referendum could be underway. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have been separated for nearly 100 years. If a border poll were to occur, people could vote for North and Southern Ireland to become one nation again. We’re here to break down the United Ireland odds to gauge the possibility of a referendum in the near future.

Brexit Makes People Support United Ireland

The United Ireland odds for an official referendum to occur before the New Year of 2021 are at 8/1. If you are online gambling in Ireland, you may have noticed that the chance of occurrence has increased. In light of Brexit, more Irish people are changing their stance on United Ireland.

The main setback of Brexit for Northern Ireland is the loss stemming from more than 60% of its export to the EU. 50% of those exports go to the Republic of Ireland. Leaving the EU brings a major economic damage to Northern Ireland, which not ideal at all.

BBC conducted a poll among Northern Irish people on the issue at hand. The results show that 42% now support United Ireland. The percentage has increased. On the other hand, 45% of the people want to remain in the UK. This leaves 13% undecided. The poll also highlights that the majority of young people voted for uniting Ireland. With this demographic in mind, it means that 49.4% of people under 45 years old want to leave the UK.

Now is Not the Right Time

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar voiced his opinion that the conditions are not yet right for United Ireland. He said “I think the focus should be on getting the institutions up and running again, rather than focusing on a border poll.

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How would they change the flag?

The unification of Ireland would cost a lot of money. Take Germany as an example. In 1990, €2 trillion was the estimated amount spent in uniting East and West Germany. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland may not be able to afford it at the moment.

Leo Varadkar’s view directly clashes with the vision of the Sinn Fein political party, which supports the unification of Ireland. If you agree with the Irish Prime Minister, the odds for United Ireland referendum not to occur are at 1/40 according to online betting sites in Ireland.

Bet on the United Ireland Referendum!

No matter which side you choose, you can wager on United Ireland at Unibet Sportsbook! Before the 1st of January 2021, the betting odds favour a No (1/40) on the United Ireland referendum over a Yes (8/1)

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