Betting on еSports in Germany


Posted: January 1, 2020

Updated: February 24, 2020

  • Is it a sport of the future or entertainment?
  • eSport is a fast-growing industry

Undoubtedly, betting on eSports in Germany is equal to real sports betting. For several years in a row, German gamers have defended the right to be called sportsmen. Why do they need it? How is eSports developing in Germany? In general, eSports in Germany have a difficult fate: on the one hand, this quite well develop, on the other hand, they refuse to recognize it as a sport. 

Betting on eSports in Germany through online sportsbook sites in Germany is very popular. As we know, it is a video games-based competition, as for example, Dota 2 and League of Legends. At the same time, eSport is a fast-growing industry. Regional politicians often comment on this topic with irony. They believe that video games do not share sporting values: fair game and respect to people.

Germany Recognizes eSports as an Official Sport

Germany joined Italy, Russia, China, South Korea and South Africa. Giving this recognition to eSports, the German Government has maintained discipline, which will be a highlight of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. Every year in the world there are many tournaments with million- dollar prize pools, that is one of the reasons why betting on eSports in Germany is so popular. As we can see on online sportsbook sites in Germany hundreds of viewers are following them online. Moreover, every major resource is leading a section on e-sports. 

At the same time, large companies are actively investing in eSports in Germany. A striking example is the city of Cologne. Having assessed the market prospect, the local football club FC Köln recently bought most of the shares of the German gaming organization SK Gaming. Online sportsbook sites in Germany states that this is a win-win deal. Football players will pay attention to the experience of gamers, and as they say, there will be an exchange of experience.

eSports: sports of the future or entertainment?

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Consols games are also emerging on the eSports market

eSports is a young phenomenon. Does it have a future or is it just entertainment? The phenomenon is young but in spite of it has a lot of fans who love betting on Esports in Germany. eSport players have trainers. They have their coaching and assistant team. They participate in tournaments and fight for the title of the strongest. 

Compared with traditional sports, eSports in Germany and all over the world have many advantages. Only the syndrome of impaired vision and hearing is dangerous, but it is completely treatable. Most professional players earn millions and leave the stage because they cannot earn enough. Through online sportsbook sites in Germany, you also can make money. Check out our articles about eSport. If we consider the “skeleton” of betting on eSports in Germany, then it is the same as in sports. There are different reliable betting sites in Germany. Some of them are specialized in eSports betting.

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