Brexit Part Three – Referendum Profiteers Pillage Stock Market

Brexit Stock Market

With the conspiracy of silence in effect, as the shock result so carefully dismissed by the media, pollsters and bookies reverberated around the world the stock markets across the globe saw referendum profiteers rake in money made betting short on the markets With share values losing 2tn USD on day one with far more likely to come.

Share Values Slashed

  • Toyota 8.66%
  • Nissan 8.10%
  • Honda 8.32%

One of the first signs that things weren’t going to be okay was in Asia where the results of the EU referendum in the UK had an immediate effect on the parts of the global stock market that were still open for business with Japan the first big economy to feel the punch as the Nikkei 225 took a dive some 7.92%, its worse day since 2011, and the Yen fluctuated wildly. Stocks with UK exposure in Australia dragged the ASX 200 down by 3.17% and the Referendum profiteers were off.

It is a grim day when Nissan end the day down 8.10%, Honda by 8.32% and Toyota by some 8.66%, unless of course you”re a referendum profiteer who has placed wagers of sorts on the vote in the UK gambling news will be of a Leave victory. Just like at a craps table you can also bet against the Stock Market as it were by a process of Short Selling, and whilst the gambling industry, amongst others, eyed possible protectionism of their markets, the referendum profiteers were making their buys.

Referendum Profiteers Short Sell Market Mainstays

Index Price Fall

  • CAC 40 8.7%
  • DAX 7.3%
  • ASX 3.17%

Short selling is a process whereby people sell stocks, shares, securities or other commodities that they don’t actually own yet hoping that by the time they need purchase them their price will have decreased and thus they will be in profit. When markets across Asia dipped in the early hours of Europe’s Friday someone was making a lot of money, the referendum profiteers raking in massive profits off the back of the collapse in confidence brought on by the Brexit vote in the UK.

The stock market, a bigger casino than even Bet365 can claim to be despite the hoards of people who like to bet on sports in the UK that use it, never sleeps and markets across Europe opened to the news and once again the shares with exposure to the UK instantly dove in value dragging down markets across the continent. By midday Friday France’s CAC 40 was off by 8.7% and the DAX in Germany fell by some 7.3%, it was a bloodbath from which the referendum profiteers were making money as $2 trillion was wiped from the value of stock markets around the world.

Protectionism & Pillaging Post-Brexit Vote

Naturally the right conditions had to exist for this shock surprise result that rippled around the world but the gambling industries reassuring odds, the pollsters bland predictions and the utter silliness of the Leave campaign gave rise to just such a reversal of expectations and thus the referendum profiteers were able to make their profits, just as the vested interests in protectionism in the service industries hope to make theirs in a post-Brexit Britain of isolated choice-less consumers.

Of course if you’re in the UK gambling laws against insider dealing and similar corrupt practices would make this sort of thing illegal the over-arching nature of the quiet will towards Brexit meant you’d be very much mistaken. The referendum profiteers will have broken no rules or laws, but the morality of making money from this hushed conspiracy of misleading polls, odds and politicians is dubious at best, and, as we shall see in Part Four, the stock market was not the only place tainted money was made.

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