Can Reforms Change the Bets on Erna Solberg?

  • Erna Solberg wants to lead Norway until 2025
  • Bets on Erna Solberg are not favorable for Solberg
bets on Erna Solberg

Erna Solberg announced the biggest overhaul since the time she took the office in 2013. It considers massive ministerial changes as well as the replacement of 2/3 of members in the coalition. This move is directed towards opening new perspectives for the coalition and assisting Erna in winning the 2021’s reelection. The bets on Erna Solberg, however, are unpromising yet. 

Parliamentary elections in Norway happen every four years. The constitution of Norway does not consider early elections; therefore, the next election will be in 2021. Erna Solberg is running her candidacy with the hope to take the office for the third time in a row.

And the odds on 1xbet Sportsbook show that she has not been quite successful at it. That is, Solberg’s odds to win currently stand at 4.5 against 1.16 odds at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Solberg’s measures to change the bets on Erna Solberg

bets on Erna Solberg
Erna Solberg – Image source: Pernille Ingebrigtsen / Arctic Frontiers / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Erna Solberg has been operating as the prime minister of Norway since 2013. She was the one who formed the coalition and the Progress Party at that time. And in 2017, these Parties could gain the highest number of votes to win the elections again. Erna Solberg is aiming to win the elections again in 2021, however, it seems to become more struggling this time.

Solberg’s main ally decided to quick the office which led to Erna lose the majority of her coalition.

Nevertheless, the current Prime Minister still hopes for the successful outcome of the elections and subsequent leading of the country until 2025.

She also mentioned that some of her plans for the future. Those are shifting more focus on environmental issues, building a “sustainable welfare society”, tax reduction for SME, enhancing security, and reinforcement of rights of family members, especially children’s rights. So, maybe these measures will change the bets on Erna Solberg.

“I’m ready to continue. We are now starting an exciting project with four parties, which I really want to be successful. So, we’ll see in 2021. It’s the voters who decide”, said Erna Solberg to newspaper VG.

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