Can We Say It’s The Catalan Independence Referendum Today?

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Catalonia is basically having the Catalan independence referendum today. How will the people vote?

Earlier this year, we have written about the chaotic political crisis in Spain: it pretty much started in October, and nobody knew whether to bet on Catalan independence, or against it instead. But online sportsbook news sites in Spain as well as all over the world were quite fascinated about the Spanish political crisis.

Of course it wasn’t surprising. The Catalans decided to hold a Catalan independence referendum even though it was clearly against the constitution. Later on, when the situation seemed to be less extreme, we tried to analyze what would happen to La Liga upon Catalan independence. However, it seems like there is another plot twist in this story.

And that’s what we’ll try to explore because it is happening today: the people are having what they want the most in a democratic state. A referendum. The Catalan independence referendum. Is it that, though? The Catalan parliamentary elections 2017 are held today and people get to choose between separatist nationalist parties and those who’d prefer living in a united country. Who will win?

What are the options in today’s “Catalan independence referendum”?

The Catalan Parliament has 135 seats. However, you shouldn’t bet on any Spanish political parties taking more than 40 seats in the ‘Catalan independence referendum today’. Nor the odds at online sportsbook sites in Spain, nor the previous polls would suggest you doing that. It is likely that a very fragmented parliament is about to be elected, with several parties gaining seats.

Up to 6 PM, over 68% of the eligible voters went to actually vote, which is the highest record in years. The polls believe that Ciudadanos is the most popular party, but they will most probably not be able to form a government on their own. They are against Catalan independence, unlike their greatest rival, pro-independence party ERC (Catalan Republican Left Party).

In addition, Carles Puidgemont’s party, Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT) is also in the race. While the party’s president is living in exile in Belgium, his party supported by extremists is expected to also do quite well in today’s Catalan independence referendum. By the end of the day, we will see which parties have won the most parliamentary seats…

The strangest campaign ever

As you can see, it’s obviously one of the most important elections in the democratic history of Spain. A lot depends on the people’s wish: whether they will elect a pro- or an anti-independence parliament, it will be quite a decision. And as such an important matter, the campaign must be impressive as well.

Both sides are doing their best to convince everyone about their own beliefs. Carles Puidgemind sent his messages on video from Belgium, saying he will return if the people vote for a pro-independence government. Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy presented himself in person and spoke in favour of the United Spain.

Meanwhile, as you can see in the video above, the people have discovered the meaning of the colour yellow. No sarcasm intended: it became a national symbol to show solidarity for those imprisoned Catalan politicians, who have been sentenced to jail because of the anti-constitutional Catalan independence referendum from back in October.

How do you think the story will end? What kind of parliament is about to be formed tonight? What will be the ‘Catalan independence referendum’ result and what will be the consequences of that? Are we to see a new country to be born in the near future, or can we say the United Spain is to stay together as a whole? Let us know what you think about the political crisis in Spain by leaving a comment below!

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