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2020 Moon tourism predictions discover the possibility of a non-exploratory flight to the satellite in the nearest future. There are already several planned trips to the Moon and they are definitely going to happen soon. But will non-astronauts manage to reach the Earth’s satellite before the beginning of 2021?

The access to Telegram in Russia is not likely to be officially available for users by the end of 2019. Best odds on Telegram unblock in Russia show that the country’s authorities haven’t reached an agreement with the founders of the popular messenger yet.

The odds are 11/5 on PlayStation 5 to arrive in 2019. The developers of Sony have confirmed that they're working on the new console. However, there's no information about when we can play on the new PS. Meanwhile, experts believe it's time to bet on PlayStation 5 to be released in 2019 - and here's why.

Legend tells that long time ago, Mars was inhabited by humans, and we made it so utterly polluted that humans had to move to the Earth, and colonize it. Now the same happens with the Earth. According to the clime scientists Earth is becoming dangerously polluted. Different states and entities are working on solving this problem; offered solutions vary in scope and means. One of the ideas discussed is to consider Mars as an alternative.