Dutch Online Gambling Reform Enrages Holland Casino Bureaucracy

The long line of previous Dutch Socialist governments vehemently opposed opening up the country’s gambling industry to competition or any reform of

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Every government in every single country around the globe loves nothing better than a thick multi-layered bureaucracy. Whether the country is controlled by nazis, communists, brutal dictators, benevolent kings or freely elected representatives of the people, they will all agree that life at the top wouldn’t be as sweet without bureaucrats.

It’s much easier to blame some anonymous undersecretary to the undersecretary of a sub-department for every government failure than to take the responsibility and face angry voters or armed revolutionaries.

Bureaucrats love the status quo and any form of change is resisted, sabotaged and fought tooth and nail. Poking a nest of angry hornets with a stick is akin to attempting to change a well entrenched government bureaucracy.

Case in point is the current situation in the Netherlands with the proposed reorganization of the Holland Casino monopoly. The Holland Casino itself is just the tiny tip of the proverbial iceberg visible to the general public.

Behind the well manicured casino is a vast, amorphous, multi-layered army of government employees, each with an important sounding job title, but little to do. Days are spent in meetings (which are never meant to achieve consensus) and on writing, editing, forwarding, processing, and filling internal reports (which are seldom if ever read).

The long line of previous Dutch Socialist governments vehemently opposed opening up the country’s gambling industry to competition or any reform of Dutch gambling laws. This position was wholeheartedly supported by Holland casino, since without competition the monopoly’s revenues or efficiency cannot be criticized.

The thousands of employees at Holland Casino are very concerned, and behind the scenes are doing their best to sabotage the shortly emerging regulated casino market. Their hope is that the next socialist government will revert back to monopoly status, so their plan is to for now disrupt the regulatory process as best as possible.

Just last week some junior justice minister’s spokesperson disclosed the existence of a soon to be released ‘blacklist of online casinos’ which includes practically every single online casino, online poker site, sportsbook and bingo hall in the world.

Banks within Netherlands will be encouraged to end all financial transactions with companies included in the list. There is speculation that the ‘blacklist’ may be sued to filter out businesses applying for the Dutch internet casino license as a last ditch effort to stifle competition.

Competition is a concept that worries today’s socialists, as it has worried their most notable theologians – Karl Marx and Lenin. Competition between private companies goes against the very foundation of socialism which strives to achieve commonality (uniformity) between every citizen (ant) of the country (colony).

Joseph Stalin, the former Soviet leader and a highly regarded Socialist philosopher and civic rights leader, sums up the socialist-bureaucratic take on competition – “the principle of capitalist competition is the defeat and death of one group and the victory and dominance of another group. The principles of socialism is friendly assistance from better performing departments to other departments which lag behind, in order to achieve a common benefit for all.”

The enthusiastic applause and wild cheering of Holland Casino bureaucrats could be almost heard.

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