Florida Gambling Reform Still a Way Off

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Despite persistent lobbying, it seems that any gambling reform in Florida will have to wait, as law makers have placed gambling rather low down on their list of priorities.

Indeed, it seems unlikely that law makers will take any action on the issue of online casinos in the US state, despite spending $400,000 on a gambling study and a whole host of senate meetings on the issue.

With the presence of Disney in the state, however, it seems likely that the theme park, film and media giant are taking every step possible to ensure Florida tourists are checking in to their resorts, and not any new casino resorts.

Tribal gambling and loopholes

It’s more than just that, however, as Florida laws are seen as anything but watertight. Indeed, House Speaker Will Weatherford said the state laws have “more loopholes than I could count”.

With American gambling laws giving individual states the power to legalize – or not – all forms of gambling, it looks like Florida are willing to just bide their time. There is another possible reason however.

The Seminole Tribe currently have an exclusivity agreement for banked card games – such as baccarat and blackjack – and this agreement runs out in 2015. Perhaps law makers are simply waiting for this to be over with before changing the laws and opening the industry up to new players.

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