Florida Tables Plans for Casino Reform

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Governor Rick Scott has been unable to renegotiate the state’s exclusivity agreement with the Seminole tribe, but optimists look for major reform in 2015.

The State of Florida has been mulling changes to its current casino laws for some time, but it looks like the current arrangement will stand for the time being. American gambling laws
allow states to self-regulate their casino markets, and Florida has an agreement with the Seminole tribe granting it exclusive rights to offer certain games. This effectively gives them a monopoly on casinos in the state. The agreement is signed through 2030.

Some figures, such as Senator Garrett Richter, would like to reform gambling laws to grant commercial casino licenses. However, passing such a bill would require the state to renegotiate its agreement with the Seminole tribe. Even supporters like Richter have argued that the any reform must have the Seminoles on board:

“Recently it has become very apparent to all of us who are tracking this issue that unless the governor negotiates a new compact with the Seminole tribe, there won’t be any comprehensive reform legislation this year.”

Governor fails to change compact with tribe

Governor Rick Scott has worked hard to get the Seminoles to agree to a revision of the agreement, but so far talks haven’t made much progress. Proponents of expanded gambling hope to restart talks later and get a comprehensive reform bill passed in 2015. Here’s hoping that casino news coming out of Florida in the future is good news.

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