Football Charity Projects Aim to European Refugee Crisis, Controversy Rises

  • Real Madrid donated €1 million for refugees in Spain
  • Refugees Welcome in the Bundesliga
  • British clubs launched 90 Minutes for Hope campaign
Football charity projects refugee crisis controversy

Politics have failed to solve the European refugee crisis so far, so rich clubs launch football charity projects to help those in need. The gap between ordinary supporters’ and clubs’ views however, is as big as between those of the man on the street and Syrian-inviting Angela Merkel.

Of course, in a perfect world, sports would have nothing to do with politics, because politicians would solve everything. That is what they get their salary for, it would be their job and main duty. However, that’s not the world we live in as we can see in Europe’s migration crisis in recent times. Refugees, economic migrants or Islam invasion, there are hundreds of thousands of people in Europe already without a home, with perhaps millions on the road. It is a crisis all right.

• “Refugees welcome” in Bundesliga
• Real and Bayern donated €1 million each
• British clubs launched aid campaign

Thanks to this, football’s role in this demographic crisis becomes incredibly important. The richest clubs have the power and money to make a difference, to help and to create and promote unity among people. That is exactly what some of the world’s best teams have been doing through their football charity projects.

Bayern support refugees as well as other Bundesliga teams

Dortmund fans Refugees welcome

There were signs of support – as well as shocked faces

The majority of the refugees aim to reach German. Bundesliga clubs welcome and support these unfortunate people. For example, Borussia Dortmund invited 220 refugees to their Europa League match against Odds BK, where BVB won easily by 7-2, as internet betting sites expected. Schalke also invited many refugees to their first Bundesliga match as part of their football charity project. There were molinos in the stands saying “refugees welcome” at several games, however, some sites claim these were organized and executed by NGO activists posing as fans with help from clubs’ PR departments.

The greatest actual help, however, arrived from Bayern Munich. The Bavarian club offered 1 million Euros for launching projects in favour of the refugees. Apart from training camps, refugees were also given the possibility to participate in German language courses, in addition to receiving food and water supply. This, everyone can agree, is money well spent.

Real Madrid donated €1 million for refugees in Spain

Real Madrid have released an official announcement on 5 September, in which they explained the importance of this case. The club has expressed its sincerest solidarity towards those who had to leave their homes and lives behind in order to find a peaceful place to live, instead of having to bear the fears of war. In order to help the unfortunate ones, Los Blancos donated 1 million Euros for charity.

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Palestina charity fraud

CR7 is famous for supporting the disadvantaged in the Middle East, it is sometimes abused

President Florentino Pérez also met Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and the two have talked about possible football charity projects that the club might launch in the future. The most important initiatives aimed to protect the youngest refugees, but a system for receiving them was also given funds from the donation of Los Merengues.

British clubs also launched football charity projects

Those English clubs who participate in European tournaments also agreed to launch football charity projects in order to offer a helping hand for those who need it. In addition to Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool, Celtic also joined the 6 English clubs to promote the “90 minutes for Hope” campaign. These 7 teams agreed to donate 1 euro for every ticket they sell for their first home matches this season. EU gambling news predict high income due to this campaign. The revenues will be transferred to experienced organizations who will buy the necessary equipment and supplies that the refugees need the most.

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