Freshly-Appointed MLB Chief Calls for Officials to Reform US Sports Betting

MLB US sports reform

Sports betting reform backed by new North America’s Major League Baseball Commissioner

High Profile figure, Ron Manfred, who has just recently been appointed as the commissioner of North America’s Major League Baseball (MLB), is calling for the government to re-examine its views on UK gambling laws with regards to sports betting. Nevada is the only state in the US where players are able to wager on sporting events under current federal law. He plans to hold meetings with team owners in order to establish its stance.

In government reports, the sports industry and gaming industry have already asked for US officials to take fresh view of the virtues of online sports betting and re-consider the possibility of wider legislation across the country.Manfred, who took up his new role as commissioner of MLB just last month commented that the MLB should back sports wagering.

Manfred understands Silver’s stance on the issue of wanting sports betting be legalized

Manfred said that “Gambling in terms of our society has changed its presence on legalization. I think it’s important for there to be a conversation between me and the owners about what our institutional position will be.” This comes at a time when, commissioner of North America’s National Basketball Association (NBA), Adam Silver, is requesting that the government decide on whether they will legalize online sports betting in the US or not.

Manfred backed Silver’s demand by saying that “I understand the arguments that Adam made. I think the most appropriate thing for me… is to wait until I’ve had a chance to deal with the owners on this topic.” He said he would promote sports betting in MLB and that the matter is primordial in his new position.

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