How to Get a Refund from Sportsbook if an Event is Called Off?

  • Many events are canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • What to do if you bet on a sports game that is called off?
how to get a refund from sportsbook

Many sports & entertainment events were postponed or canceled due to coronavirus. So, you might ask yourself a question on how to be with bets. If you wagered on something and want your money back, we will tell you how to get a refund from a sportsbook.

The worldwide pandemic caused a cancellation of various events, concerts, and tournaments. UEFA stopped such big football competitions as the Europa League and Champions League as well as the 2020 Euro matches. It is still unclear what to do with local leagues. Countries like Spain, England, and Italy suspended their leagues and so did many others. However, you still have some sports to bet on besides La Liga, Serie A, and Premier League. But if you don’t want to risk your money, you better stop betting now. If you wagered on the event that appeared in the postponed list, we will tell you how to get a refund from a sportsbook.

How to get a refund from a sportsbook in 2020?

Unfortunately, the outbreak of coronavirus affected all aspects of our life. Yet we should care about our health first, the domino effect causes new problems daily. One of them obviously touches upon money and how to save them during such a difficult time. So, if you are a frequent guest at online sportsbooks in the US and bet on the canceled event, you should monitor local gambling laws in your state or country as each of them varies.

how to get a refund from sportsbook
Stadiums are looking like this nowadays.

If you are a US gambler, here are some updates about refunding. Michigan introduced a new law concerning in-person betting, which allows gamblers to receive money back within 365 days after the date the canceled event had to take place. The other states should follow updates at gambling sites, where they have placed a bet to get the latest news.

What is a typical sportsbook’s policy regarding refunds?

Usually, every sportsbook site refunds bets on events that stop taking place. Regardless of the type of the event, your stake will return to your account. The process must be automatic, so you don’t have to claim the refund. For instance, Bovada Sportsbook tournament cancellation policy states that “when a tournament must be canceled, we make it a priority to compensate all players in the fairest way possible”. 

However, if you wagered on a postponed or delayed event, the situation is different. For instance, you placed a bet on the Spanish La Liga that got suspended. As the competition is not canceled but suspended for 2 weeks, your bet will be still valid when the tournament is on again. In this case, you should follow online gambling news to stay tuned to the freshest updated. We know that none of the major football competitions are officially off. The sports committee just paused all of them until mid-April so far. Events will start again if the situation gets better, so all we have to do now is wait.

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