Kentucky US State Gambling Laws Referendum Moves Forward

State of Kentucky is considering bringing casinos to its horse racing tracks as majority of population supports expanded gambling.

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This November, in addition to voting for the President of the United States, Kentucky voters will be asked to approve broadening of gambling choices available within the state borders.

As required by the state and American gambling laws, the referendum is needed in order to amend state constitution. The ballot is sponsored by Sen. Damon Tyler and was accepted by Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear. If approved by the voters, the law would allow horse racing tracks, and other businesses, to open up casinos.

As reported by American gambling news, polls indicate that Kentucky residents strongly favor the issue going to the ballot with as many as 80% in favor of expanded gambling possibilities.

The state has been considering changes in gambling law for well over a decade. However, a legislative path was taken previously were three-fifths majority is required in the State House and Senate. A referendum will take it to the people.

Kentucky already has forms of legalized gambling, especially horse racing as this is a true horse-loving state. It is not clear yet whether there is going to be a vote about legalizing mobile betting despite technology’s increasing sophistication. One thing is clear: any tax revenues from expanded gambling would benefit education.

As American states and their legislators pursue different paths- ones in favor of gambling- others against- different gambling laws and developments require the casino and sports betting industry to closely follow the unfolding events. The prize will be the access to a large casino and sports betting market that the American population of over 300 million offers.

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