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With the political classes still reeling from a brutal murder of one of their number there are just days to go before the EU Referendum in Britain and there’s still work to be done, but will it be the Vote Leave or Vote Remains camp that wins the day? Should you be betting on Brexit or against it?

British politics, at the height of one of its most turbulent and intense campaigns, suddenly stopped last week as the news of Jo Cox’ murder rippled around the Westminster village and across the country. After months of vitriol and wild exaggerations, fear-mongering and threats, this is what it had come to, a young left-wing politician stabbed and shot in the street by a far-right maniac. The bile of the EU referendum campaign had suddenly ceased to be mere political grandstanding, the constant barrage of alarmist nonsense spawning an assassination of one of their own. Both sides suspended campaigning.

Politician Jo Cox

The murder of Jo Cox has affected both sides of the EU Referendum (photo:

Tributes to Jo Cox flooded in, and on Monday the House of Commons, recalled especially for it, sat in memory of what all agreed was a rising star in the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn, her party leader spoke eloquently, as did David Cameron the Prime Minister, but behind the vision of unity in memory of its murdered member the MPs were all too painfully aware that with just days to go before the vote the battle for the EU referendum is still on and as had been sharply driven home, anything could happen, and if you like to bet on sports in the UK, it’s not too late to get on this action even in the final days.

EU Referendum Campaigning Suspended

The arguments for and against Brexit in the EU Referendum debate are legion and there’s a distinct Hydra-esque quality to it all as every debate on any subject related to Brexit or the EU Referendum only ever spawns yet more debates about the evidence used to back up a position in the first debate about Brexit or the EU Refrendum. The ouroboros nature of this process has seen ever more wild claims from both sides, with the bombastic nature of Nigel Farage perhaps giving the Vote Leave loonies an edge, something that is only aided by the presence of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

Vote Leave have focused on immigration, the trigger issue for every small minded xenophobe in middle England, whilst Vote Remain are beating the money drum pointing out that a post-Brexit Britain might have some serious economic woes ahead, something underlined by international financier George Soros who said an EU Referendum Brexit would leave “most voters considerably poorer” and may even prompt yet another “Black Friday”. Of course if you’re in the UK gambling laws of common sense will see the UK vote to stay part of the EU on Thursday, think again, remember Scotland blew it.

George Soros Brexit

George Soros is against the UK leaving the EU (photo:

Bet On EU Referendum Turnout Figures At Bet365

So with emotions running high on both sides out of political necessity the politically motivated killing of Jo Cox has put a sharp edge on the EU referendum result, but with just days to go the media has begun taking sides, the Telegraph coming out to leave, the Guardian to stay, for example, and there’s nothing to do now but pick a winner from these two. Perhaps fortunately for those of us with some common sense the bookies seem to believe the UK will vote to stay, Bet365 giving the Vote Remain camp 1/4 odds whilst Vote Leave are drifting a little at 3/1. But how many will vote in the EU Referendum?

Like a lot of people in the UK gambling news headlines will be of a vote in the EU Referendum to stay in, I’m actually more interested in the turn out and Bet365 have some good odds on the percentages of voters that will actually bother to register their wishes on Thursday. 60%-65% is getting 11/2 but that’s drifting as much as 65%-70% is closing up at 15/8 although the bookies seem to believe people really will go to the polls with a whopping 70%+ getting 4/5. Will the citizens of the UK really turn out in such numbers for this referendum? We’ll have to wait and see as Thursday will be soon upon us.

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