Massachusetts Gaming Commission Asks for License Fee Refund

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Massachusetts’ Gaming Commission is set to ask the state Legislature to give casinos back their large $85 million licensing fee.

In the US gambling law, the individual states control their own licensing, and in Massachusetts the state has been rubbing the Gaming Commission the wrong way.

The latest in the US gambling news is that the state Gaming Commission is pushing to overturn the state’s gaming law and fix the legislation before the end of February.

If the gaming law is overturned, its repercussions could put a serious damper on state budget, where licensing fees go to fund transportation and other projects.

Casinos on the other hand protest their license fee, which at present is $85 million for a resort casino and $25 million for a slots parlor, since they’re concerned that they will have nothing left if gaming becomes eventually outlawed.

Gaming Commission Pushes Massachusetts to give back license fees

“We hear that,” says the chairman of the Gaming Commission, Stephen Crosby on the concerns, “and one reasonable fix would be for the Legislature to do whatever it would have to do to make that money refundable in the unlikely event that all happened.”

The state budget originally expected the large revenue of $195 million from two of the casinos in the state and one slots parlor. However those working to strike down the casino law argue that it violates the implied contractual rights of the casino license applicants.

The situation is still going on, and court hearings will begin in May.

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