Money Line Bets Explained – All You Need To Know About Them

  • What is money line betting and how to use it?
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money line bets explained

Every punter has used money line betting at least once without even knowing it. It is available at almost all sportsbooks and betting sites, but what is it? In our guide, you have everything about money line bets explained in detail.

Wagering on sports or other events at online gambling sites in Belgium isn’t just about picking the most possible outcome, paying, and then winning money on it. There are countless nuances, starting from reading different types of odds and ending with understanding money line bets. We will stop on the latter so far. Read our simplified guide with examples to advance your knowledge in sports betting and start earning money from it.

Everything about money line bets explained

What is a money line bet? In terms of sports betting, it is wagering money on a team or player who is expected to win. If a punter picks the winning side, the sportsbook pays him money. Simply saying, it is betting on the winner of any sports event and getting money in case of making the right choice. Like odds, money line bets have their own values.

What are the values?

Money lines are represented in positive and negative values at online sportsbooks in Belgium. Positive values are marked with + and designate a team or a player who is a favorite of the game. Respectively, negative values are designated with – and point to outsiders of the competition. Usually, positive and negative values are shown like these: +150, +235, -170, -310.

money line bets explained
Let’s bet!

Signs like + and – also aim to show how much money punters will get in case of winning. Thus, numbers with the minus sign mean that the punter will get less than the original wager in case of successful betting. At the same time, numbers with + mean that the sportsbook will pay the punter more than he has wagered. 

Examples of money line bets

To understand how it works and have money line bets explained, let’s take a look at the following example. Odds on the PSG v Manchester Utd match at Betmaster Sportsbook show that the French club is the favorite of the upcoming Champions League game. Take a look at the money line:

PSG -350
Man Utd +320

Let’s “make” a $100 bet on this UCL match to see how it works. Supposedly, you wager $100 on the English club to win. In the case of successful betting, you will get a $320 profit as you bet on the dark horse. This is risky but it brings more money. On the contrary, the money line offers -350 on Paris Saint-Germain to win. It means that you have to wager $350 on the French club to win $100. Therefore, most people prefer betting on underdogs in order to have a big profit.

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