Multimillion Lottery Winner Refuses to be Changed by Big Win

British multimillion pound lottery winner

£13.5 million lottery winner Peter Congdon refuses to let himself or his life be changed by his enormous newfound fortune.

In UK gambling news, the 67 year old great-grandfather and multimillionaire from Truro, Cornwall, still lives in his council house—where he’s lived for the past 30 years—and continues to call bingo numbers at a community centre and work as a local councilor. A source told the Sun that the £13.5 million lottery winner “doesn’t want to move as he loves where he lives and knows the neighbours. He wants to spend the money on other people.”

And he has. Since his big win Congdon bought a £900,000 farmhouse for one of his children, gave new cars to a number of his relatives, and established a treatment centre for multiple sclerosis, which his wife Rosemary died of six years ago.

Multimillion lottery winner lucked out on four consecutive scratch cards

According to online gambling sites in UK, the multimillion lottery winner struck it big after winning money on National Lottery scratch cards three days in a row. On the fourth day, he won the £13.5 million jackpot after getting six match numbers in a Quadruple Rollover Draw.

Not even the source of his new fortune, the National Lottery, were exempt from Congdon’s generosity. He’s helped secure National Lottery funding for the Trelander & St Clements Community Association for a number of projects, including a new community hall.

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