New 1xGames To Play In 2021


Posted: January 13, 2021

Updated: January 14, 2021

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New year, new games. If you are looking for unique gambling activities, check some new 1xGames to play. Available exclusively at 1xBet Casino, these exciting games of luck will amaze you with great visuals, easy-to-win rules, and generous winnings.

1xBet Casino regularly amuses its players with new gaming options and apps. At the end of 2020-beginning of 2021 several new games appeared in a special 1xGames section. If you don’t know, 1xGames is an exclusive opportunity to play games like Dice, Over/Under 7, Monopoly, Super Mario and win money. Let’s see which are brand new 1xGames to play this year.

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Play The Bottle like at a crazy party

The Bottle is known as a fun party game played with a bottle. To play it offline, you have to sit in a circle of friends, spin the bottle, and kiss the one the bottle points at. The same principle works with an online gambling game named The Bottle.

The Bottle by 1xGames follows the basic rules of the original party game. To win money, you have to spin the virtual bottle which will point at one of three ladies sitting in a circle. However, there is no need to kiss them as each lady has a prize for you. Two of them will bring you deposit multipliers if the bottle chooses them, while the last one will take all your money. The game is very simple and funny to play, so read the rules and try it at 1xBet Casino.

Games Mania is a gambling game with real prizes

Games Mania is one of the brand new 1xGames to play. This is a dice game of chance featuring 29 cells located in a neon-light cyberworld. Each cell contains either winnings or puzzle pieces or is empty. Before you start the game, you have to place a bet.

The game starts when you push a “Roll a dice” button. According to the number on a dice, you have to make a certain number of steps (2-12). If you land on a winning cell, your bet is multiplied or rewarded with bonuses. If you land on an empty cell, you get nothing and the game ends. Also, in case of landing on a puzzle cell, you can take part in a quest. To win, you have to collect 15 puzzle pieces and get a big reward. Visit online casinos in Ukraine to play and win real prizes!

new 1xGames to play pro

Master Panda is among new 1xGames to play

If you are a fan of slots, you will like this easy-to-play game available at 1xBet Casino. Master Panda is a 5-reel slot-like game where you have to collect 3-5 identical symbols on one of five pay lines. All you have to do to start the game is to place a bet and spin the reels. If pandas, zebras, giraffes, or other animalistic symbols will match in one line or cross-like line, you win. Easy as ABC!

More funny win-win games are waiting for gamblers at online gambling sites in Ukraine. Check also Fruit Blast, Burning Hot, Card Odds, and Book Of Ra at 1xBet Casino.

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