New Zealand Poker Reform to Hurt Charities

Poker reform in New Zealand is likely to hurt local charities. Are sportsbooks next?

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There are more news about the proposal to change New Zealand gambling laws. The attempts to bring more gambling profits to the communities they originate from is likely to hurt multiple charities which rely on gambling revenues.

These changes will also affect local sports clubs. The organizations of this type get grants raised by gambling. The source of money now is less reliable and may go dry.

The changes, should they occur, could eliminate as many as half of the poker machines in the country. Some councils may even decide to get rid of the poker machines in their jurisdictions, which means the grants would be drastically cut, if not eliminated.

The New Zealander poker rooms, just as their counterparts in Australia, are feeling the pressure from the gambling regulators. Other forms of gambling, such as slot machines or roulette, aren’t getting as much interest by the authorities. A possible explanation is that poker is the game which New Zealanders (and Aussies) pursue actively.

Many are criticizing the new proposal as lacking thought. Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori Party MP, is the person who came up with the new bill. As Pub Charity director, Martin Cheer, claims, the legislator lacks basic understanding of the issues on which the changes are sought.

Poker is not the only popular betting activity in New Zealand. As in Australia, the online sportsbooks in New Zealand are also quite popular. The Australians lawmakers are already banning betting live on sports Down Under. Will New Zealand follow the footsteps?

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