Scottish Referendum Betting Odds: Bookies Don’t Believe Sturgeon Can Make It Happen

  • Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon believes the referendum will take place by 2021
  • Westmister hates the idea, the UK government doesn’t want the vote to happen
  • Scottish Referendum betting odds show bookies don’t think a new vote is realistic
  • That’s exactly why you should make a bet now, before these odds change
Scottish Referendum betting odds
Scottish Referendum betting odds show that Nicola Sturgeon has some serious work to do

Yesterday, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that they’re working on a new vote about their country’s independence. Scottish Referendum betting odds show the bookies would be surprised to see anything like that to happen though. However, we believe you should definitely consider a bet on Scotland leaving the UK. Here’s why.

“It is time – time for Scotland to become independent” – said Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon in her speech yesterday. A lot has happened since Scotland’s last attempt to become an independent country. The UK England and Wales decided about leaving the European Union, while 62% of the Scottish people wanted to remain. The ongoing Brexit “negotiations” are also worrying for everyone involved. It’s no surprise that the voices of independence are getting stronger up North.

Scottish Referendum Betting Odds
Nicola Sturgeon

However, Westminster is expected to spoil the party yet again. Legally, the UK Parliament has to allow Scotland to hold a referendum, but they’re not really happy with the idea. Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington claims there is no evidence of a growth in support for another vote. That’s interesting, because recent opinion polls do show that at least 60% of the Scottish people would prefer independence over a no-deal brexit. Also, about half of them backs the idea of Scotland becoming an independent country under any circumstances.

Scottish Referendum betting odds: it’s still not likely to happen

It’s definitely hard to make any predictions these days. Online sportsbook sites in the UK are still not convinced about Sturgeon’s ideas. The Scottish Referendum betting odds at 22Bet Sportsbook clearly show that a new people’s vote would really surprise the bookies. However, we can’t ignore the masses in Scotland, who are sick of being told what to do by the Tory government. Their voices are getting louder which could lead to an independence vote to take place before 2021.

2022 or later 1/3
2019 9/1
Scottish Referendum betting odds: Which exact year is it going to happen?
2020 7/1
2021 7/1
Scottish Referendum Betting Odds
Scotland wanted to stay in the EU

This could be a great opportunity for us, gamblers. 22Bet Sportsbook pays a good amount of money if we can guess the year of the next referendum. Nicola Sturgeon’s aim is to hold this vote by 2021, but the end of 2020 seems likely too. Remember, things could go faster than we think in the case of a no deal brexit. If that happens, we are certain that Scotland is going to leave the United Kingdom as well.

Scottish Referendum betting odds show people are expected to vote remain

Here’s the other thing. Bookies also believe that if there’s going to be a new referendum, people are not going to vote for independence. However, based on the latest polls this seems to be false. Scotland’s future definitely depends on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. If the UK stays in a close relationship with the EU, it’s more likely that the Scottish people are going to vote remain. However, we don’t believe that they are going to accept a hard- or no deal brexit.

Scottish Referendum betting odds
Scotland will vote for independence 1/1
Scotland will vote against independence 4/5
Make a bet at 22Bet Sportsbook!

So let’s summarize everything we know about the latest Scottish Referendum betting odds. We believe the vote is going to take place in 2021, maybe even 2020. Also, we think that Scotland is going to decide to leave this mess they were dragged into, since many think this is the right time to say a final goodbye to Westminster. Therefore, we argue that it’s more than realistic and reasonable to place a bet on these events to happen. Just make sure you do it before the odds change…

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