Suspended Hungarian Football Referee Suspected in Game-fixing

Following a 2-2 draw, with all goals scored from the spot, FIFA starts an investigation of the Hungarian football referee

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Hungarian football referee, Kolos Lengyel, and his assistants were suspended by the Hungarian Football Federation after awarding four penalties in a football match between Estonia and Bulgaria in February 2011. The match ended up with 2-2 score, meaning all four goals were conceded as a result of awarded penalties. Naturally, the questions of possible match-fixing and online sportsbooks fraud arose right away, which led to the suspension of the officials.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) will investigate the legitimacy of awarded penalty kicks and possible fraud in regards to internet betting in Hungary. No date has yet been set for when the investigation will end, FIFA only acknowledged the fact of relevant documentation receival.

Football experts agree that all four suspicious penalties could be legitimate as they followed offenses in the penalty box. However, the referee in question has already been previously involved in internet gambling scandal over his controversial decisions in a U20 match between Bolivia and Argentina in December.

According to sources close to the Hungarian Football Federation, the suspended referee and his assistants were not even licensed to officiate FIFA football matches.

Not so long ago, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) investigated several eastern European football clubs, including a Hungarian team, over their involvement in alleged match-fixing. Results of UEFA’s investigation have not been disclosed yet.

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