Who doesn’t love a mystery? And what is more mysterious than an abandoned casino building? Many survived the war and even though they are empty now, imagine if the walls could talk. Abandoned places are always creepy, yet we can’t help but be curious about them. You can find buildings all over the world that once played a significant role in people’s lives but have become abandoned over the years. This has also happened with the casinos on our list below, which are now only visited by those who want to see their chilly sight. Let’s see some interesting abandoned casinos in the world!   ... read more

If you are new to the world of online slots or have already played some free slots and want to find the best online casino slots, then we recommend that you check out our list of the best online slot machines in 2022. Choose the best slots with the biggest jackpots, free spins, amazing 3D animations, and exciting bonus rounds. ... read more

Winning the game depends not only on your skills but also on luck. Often, gambling is completely dominated by the mood of Fortune. Therefore, the more experienced the player, the more one relies on the help of otherworldly forces and uses various ways to attract good luck. The whole process of the game and preparation for it is overgrown with signs and rituals. Often there is one option (a gambling conspiracy, an amulet, a spell) that is guaranteed to help in the game. If you cannot imagine life without risk and you like to play in casinos, check out different gambling spells to attract luck in the casino. ... read more

One of the most popular games in the world simply could not remain without film coverage. As the saying goes, if you love animal films, that doesn’t mean you will enjoy the slaughterhouse report. If we try to collect our rating of the 7 best hockey movies, not in ascending or descending order of film quality, budget, or production year, but in terms of the power of conveying the atmosphere of hockey – how will it turn out? ... read more

The British television dance contest is one of the most popular shows – that is beyond questioning. As such, it is not too surprising, that there are several odds: even on Strictly Come Dancing 2022! If you could not get enough of the 2021 show, or you are just up to some great bets, keep on reading to find out more about your options! ... read more

Golf Major Winner 2022 Odds

We barely started 2021, and 2022 is already around the corner! That means, we have a new beginning at our doors, but it also means there is a bunch of bets that we can make – all about the upcoming year! If you like sports bets, then you will be excited about the odds on who will be a golf major winner in 2022! ... read more

With every day, Christmas is getting closer and closer. We hope you have everything worked out so far, from the dinner menu to all the presents. That way, you will have some time to make some bets on the weather, and what it is going to be like in Australia on Christmas – the odds are already here for that! Keep on reading and find out more about the predictions! ... read more

Casinos in India stand out for their extraordinary originality. In the late 90s of the 20th century, gambling was prohibited by law here. However, a network of illegal establishments has always existed and brought in over $ 60 billion a year. Nowadays, gambling is legal in three states: Goa, Sikkim, and Punjab. Thus, let’s look at the TOP 5 Indian casino resorts! ... read more

Started watching short track, alpine skiing, and speed skating? Wondering who is the favorite to win medals in figure skating and snowboarding? Our material will help you figure out who can be seen on the podium of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. Here are the 2022 Winter Olympic predictions and the main contenders for medals. ... read more

Olesya started rowing to get into the basketball team of the institute in her native Krasnodar. She never made it to the institute’s national team, but she went to Tokyo to represent ROC with excellent medal chances. We are going to tell you everything about Olesya Romasenko. This is  the story of an athlete. ... read more