2020 Academy Awards

Male film stars are not the ones who often suffer from the injustice of the Academy Awards. There are also many great actresses without an Oscar who deserve an award or two. Check their names on our list and don’t forget to add the date of the upcoming ceremony to your schedule, as it will take place very soon! ... read more

Can you believe that there are plenty of famous actors without an Oscar, including Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt? Yes, they haven’t won the Golden Man statuette in acting categories yet. Check the full list of the most underestimated male stars, who have been ignored by the Academy for years. ... read more

With the beginning of the 2019/20 award season, here come the first favorites. Bet on Parasite to win Oscars, AACTA or Golden Globe as it leads the best odds wherever it is nominated. If you are looking for a safe bet, this film is exactly what you need. ... read more

2020 Academy Awards are the most prestigious film awards and the most looked forward to, by both the audience and the film world. In the second month of 2020, all the stars will gather at Dolby Theatre in Los Angelas to pay tribute to the work done over the past year. Nominations will soon be announced which may disappoint or make the day for a lot of film enthusiasts. While speculations are underway regarding nominations, 2020 Academy Awards special bets, are making rounds on online gambling sites in the US. ... read more