2020 Razzie odds

The Worst Screen Combo nomination will put an end to all your attempts to take the Golden Raspberry Awards seriously. This 2020 Razzies nomination will make you die laughing while looking through its nominees. Besides reviving your spirit, betting on movies like “Cats” can also make you a good profit as the odds point on them to win the prize. ... read more

It is not a mistake. Joker got a nomination for the 2020 Golden Raspberry Award in a special category, which was most probably created to add the most talked-about film of the year to the “anti-Oscars”. You can even bet on Joker to win Razzies as the film has all the chances to take the prize. ... read more

The “anti-Oscars” is coming soon, so it’s the right time to look through the Razzies Worst Picture odds. This year, five bad films are nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards, but the winner seems to be very predictable. ... read more

The Golden Raspberry Awards has traditionally announced its nominations before the Oscars night. This year, Razzie Redeemer Award predictions are of special interest as it is full of A-class celebrities, who may repair their reputation. Let’s see who has the most chances to rehabilitate from past “success” at the Razzies. ... read more

Have you ever watched movies so bad they were already good? If so, those are the perfect movies to receive the Razzie Award, the opposite of the Oscar. Let’s take a look at the Golden Raspberry Award 2020 Odds for the recent embarrassing cinematic performances. you can already bet on your favorite – or in this case least favorite one on 22BET Sportsbook. ... read more