2020 US Presidential Elections

Politics betting is the second-most-popular option at online sportsbooks. Surpassed by sports betting itself, odds on various political events attract punters due to their real-life importance and more or less clear winning probability. Let’s see how to bet on election and politics in general to win money. ... read more

On November 3, 2020, Americans will vote for the next US president. The youngest presidential candidate in the US is the Democrat Pete Buttigieg. He has already passed Senators Warren and Sanders and is second only to former Vice President Biden. Will the 46th President of The United States be Chalotic gay from the Mid-West? Let’s take a look at Peter Buttigieg US President odds. ... read more

The US President has always been found in the middle of a controversy one two many times. Trump’s latest troubles revolve around Ukraine-Biden has triggered an Impeachment inquiry, put into action by Nancy Pelosi. However, Trump continues to deny such allegations and wants to distance himself from the conflict. On the contrary, Trump impeachment betting odds are predicting a 75% chance of US President’s term being brought to an end before 2020. ... read more