Many people will take advantage of Australian gambling laws to back the hosts to win. Victories in Tests abroad is tough for any side these days. However, a bet on India to win against Australia has started to look better since the tourists found their feet. After a couple of disastrous loses in One Day International Matches the T20 series win showed they’re back on form. But, does that mean you should wager on them to win the four match series ahead? We take a look. ... read more

It can be said without a doubt that 2020 wasn’t a good year for the entertainment industry. Although a lot of movie shooting and release dates were shifted, TV production seems to stay afloat. And since there were lots of great British series this year, it’s time to check BAFTA TV 2020 odds and predictions.  ... read more

This year organisers hope to attract over 100,000 spectators to the event, and make it the biggest international sporting event in Finland in 2020. Invented in Sweden in the late 1960s, basic rules of the game were established in 1979 when the first floorball club in the world, Sala IBK, was founded in Sweden. In 1981, official rules for matches were first written down. 2020 Floorball World Championship odds takes a look at the game, and checks out the favourites to take the World Championship title in December this year. ... read more

Of course, we all know who Donald Trump is. On January 20, 2017 he became 45th President of the United States. Before this, he was shining at the TV screens as a reality star. His mind-blowing decisions frequently hit people all around the world. And surely, gamblers could not refrain from placing bets on his next possible decisions. Especially if it is about Donald Trump special bets for 2020. The diversity of sites that the Internet offers us today only increases the number of bets on Trump’s next decisions. However, it is sometimes struggling to find the best sites to bet on Trump.  According to 1xbet, it is most possible that the next ban will be performed on abortion (4.0). However, due to Donald’s caring nature, LGBT and religious issues are also under consideration. (7.0 and 10.0 respectively)  He has gone through a lot on the way to become the President. He first became the part of a big project work in Manhattan. Then, in 1980 people recognized him as the city’s one of the best developers for opening Grand Hyatt in New York. And 2015 became the year, when he nominated his candidacy to run for the United States President post. Apparently, rich life experience does not always teach people tolerance.   ... read more

On the 26th of November, 2022, the next Victoria State election will be. 2020 Victoria State Election odds are the same for the two main contenders: The Labor Party and the Coalition After the unforeseen failure to win in the Election in May 2019, the Labor Party of Australia needs to reconsider its strategies to gain a chance of winning in 2022, says John Quiggin. After choosing its next leader, Anthony Albanese, who had the highest bets, the Party followed its next steps. It has decided to reconsider the policy commitments. Therefore, The Labor Party waved the government tax reductions for high-income earners. 2020 Victoria State Election odds are placing more emphasis on the Party and Coalition.   ... read more

This spring, three empowering films with strong female leads are out in cinemas, if only coronavirus won’t stop them. These pictures must improve feminism in novelty bets and hit the US box office, but which will come first? What film will have the biggest opening weekend in North America? ... read more

This isn’t a typical bet on sports in the UK, finding Dressage odds is pretty much impossible. However, this is 2020 and the Olympics will thrust it into the bookies’ spotlight once again. That means there’s an opportunity or two on the cards at Bet365 et al. Their assessments of participants’ performances aren’t always as on the nose as in say football or horse racing. So here are seven things to look for when exploring how to win money betting on Dressage. ... read more

2020 seems to be a pretty busy year in the sporting calendar. Olympic Games in Tokyo and European Football Championship besides the regular main events like tennis Grand Slams, Formula 1, Champions League football or Tour de France. With the odds are being available for most of these top sports events, you can make an early bet for your favorites now. ... read more